Wednesday, July 7, 2010

backyard picnic

so easy. so good.

the burger:
whole wheat bun, toasted
grass fed beef, grilled
fresh sliced mozzarella (put on the last few minutes of grilling)
fresh tomato slices
your favorite greens
fresh basil
herbed mayo (light mayo+fresh oregano, thyme, chives + a splash of basalmic

the fries:
sliced potatoes + olive oil + salt & pepper wrapped in foil and thrown on the grill

the farmer's market finds:

fresh flowers, lemon icewater, and adorable children are optional.



Anonymous said...

what a fun picnic Sheena! I LOVE the flowers in the blue ball jar :)

Amie said...

Awesome picnic, even down to the picnic tablecloth!! You seem like the type of amazing mother that creates wonderful memories for your kids - they will look back on this and realize how fortunate they were to have such great meals in their own backyard!

melissa said...

bah, i will never learn not to check your blog when i'm hungry.

summer said...

this is probably my favorite meal ever. and you make it so, so, so pretty! hope you're enjoying another glorious summer day. i can't get enough of them either.

ps. even when i've just eaten, your blog makes me hungry.

Janine said...

Bright + cheerful... everything about it is gorgeous!