Tuesday, November 16, 2010

day sixteen

on the wall outside my dr.s office. 
"I beat lyme & so can you!"

I am feeling very thankful today.

I am thankful for amazingly smart (borderline genius?) doctors who listen. 
Really listen. 
And get it. 
And have a good sense of humor. 
Because that is very important, you know.
I am thankful that after almost 2 full years of wandering, we found him.
I am so excited (and he is so excited), we feel like I am finally on track.

I am thankful for encouraging messages. 
We all laughed when we saw this little note scribbled on the wall. 
But then I kept thinking about it. 
They beat Lyme. So can I. 
It has stuck with me. 
I hope to someday climb those stairs and sign my name underneath. 

I don't think we realize how far even just a few words of encouragement can go.
I'm 800 miles away from those words.....yet here I am still thinking about them. 
Now I'm not saying go out and graffiti your favorite words of wisdom onto a wall somewhere (although...)
But I know (and you know), how easy it is to just keep words in.....
let's not be afraid to share them with others every now and then.
a compliment. an encouraging thought. a slap on the bum. a simple, kind word.
You never know how far they may travel.

What are YOU thankful for today?


swell.life said...

i am thankful for beautiful, inspiring blogs like yours. :)

thankful for hot showers

a functioning sewing machine

and good tunes spinning on my laptop.

gram said...

thankful that our # 7 'great' is here safe and sound and that our #1 'grand' is doing so well and that our #2 'grand' is on the road to recovery!

Kasey said...

Love this post. You're so right - it doesn't take a lot of effort to voice the words of encouragement that most of us think but often do not voice to those around us. It's very motivating to know that people are on your team and cheering you on.

So happy you are on the right track. :)

Unknown said...

I am thankful to be another year older and much, much wiser! I am also thankful for many new friends. I am thankful for one certain small deer dog!

Teresa said...

I am thankful to have had the chance to go out to dinner with my MOPS group....just what I needed today.

melissa said...

nice. today i'm still thankful to have a baby instead of being pregnant. 100x better.

Unknown said...

this post is my favorite, this is perfect. i love finding new little words of encouragement like that. you seem like a strong person that will beat it, glad you have good drs working with you!

this reminds me of how i am thankful for my trails, and trials of my friends/family that have helped teach me a lesson.

Anonymous said...

...i'm thankful for my doctor too who i went to because i was worried i was miscarrying and he was the only doctor with an appt that day. he was so amazing and i'm so glad it was him...

also thankful for your cute blog. it's uplifting!

Emily R said...

I love this post. I'm so glad you found a doctor who's a genius in this area. I think about you and pray for you regarding this disease. I'm thankful you found a doctor!

Derek Riley said...

wow...thank you so much for sharing. You are really talented and your blog is wonderful and inspiring. I'm glad I found it. Have a great rest of the week!


Unknown said...

For a loving God
A wonderful husband
My Precious Children
And family and friends who help me to constantly learn and grow.

summer said...

am so thankful that my internet is back working again so i can read sheena's blog!!!

ps. yay for awesome doctors! we have one of those in our life too. i just know someday you'll be posting about how you beat this thing, sheena.

Unknown said...

I'm thankful you found a dr. you love!! I can't wait to see you sign your name on that wall :) PS-Riley's been talking about you all week.

danielle @ take heart said...

ummm…how have i never been to your blog before?
you are stunning! seriously.

like your blog. a lot!

thankful for grace.

Amber T said...

My dad has been battling Lymes for... well they don't know how long actually... but treatment started eight weeks ago and he is doing so much better. The road is still long, but we know not only can he beat Lymes, but we can do it alongside him!

Thank you for your honesty and hope in all of your posts... It's so encouraging and fun to read!