Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Letters

excited? yes.


Dear Christmas, we are now on an hour countdown. Yay!!

Dear Christmas with Children, you are one billion times better than Christmas without Children.

Dear Robby, remember our first Christmas--we had the TINIEST tree and propped it up in a saucepan. It had like five ornaments. 

Dear Time, slow down!!! I love all these exciting moments full of anticipation and's all part of the fun!! Please let tomorrow pass slowly.

Dear Yoga, you were terribly hard today, because all I was thinking about was Christmas.

Dear Child Inside of Me, (no I am not pregnant). Settle down. You are as bad as your kids.

Dear Self, HOORAY!!! You conquered your fear and made toffee!! 1lb of butter and 2 cups of sugar. Stop eating all of it.

Dear My Favorite Gym Instructors, you have your work cut out for you come January.

Dear Snow, WHAT HAPPENED????!!! I thought we had a deal. Lame.

Dear Person Who Answers Rhetorical Questions, how are my kids functioning on such little sleep? They are NOT sleeping at night. They get up early and wander the house sneaking peeks at presents. 

Dear Mail Man, UPS Guy, Fed Ex man, thank you for working so hard--you make Christmas happen.

Dear Scrooges, Grinches, and Bahhumbuggers, cheer up!! It's Christmas!

Dear maid/butler I don't have, I really wish you were here for the weekend so we could skip over all the after-feast-cleanup.

Dear Tara, I ate waaaaaaay too much delicious almond cake. I feel sick, yet still want more.

Dear blogfriends, you are all so nice! Thank you for coming here everyday, putting up with my silliness, and leaving such fun comments! Merry Christmas to you all!

Dear Santa, I've been trying to explain to the kids why Santa doesn't bring stuff to mommies and daddies, and they're not buying it. So why don't you just stop by this year. I've been good, really. I want a new rubber spatula and some hair ties that keep my 100lbs of hair up. See, I'm easy.



Teachinfourth said...

Merry Christmas…here's to another year of 'stuff' done and done well.

Deeba PAB said...

Merry Christmas Sheena. I loved loved loved reading your engaging post. Got here from Ivonnes, and am I glad I did!

Anonymous said...

Fun letters! Definitely agree with the thanks to all the delivery guys out there. They have really come through for me this year. And kudos for making the toffee. It's hard... I burned it. Merry Christmas to you!

Shannon said...

I'm glad your toffee turned out good. It's such a fun Christmas treat. I am trying to not rush anything today or this whole weekend. I want it all to go slowly so I can savor it. Merry Christmas!!!
PS-I can still never sleep on Christmas Eve and I always wake up before my kids. :)

gram said...

Dear Sheena... thanks from gram for all of the fun posts through the year.. and the silly & cute pics of my two little 'greats'! Looking forward to lots more in 2011! Hugs from gram...

Amanda Hutchings said...

Merry Christmas Sheena. I agree with thanks to the delivery guys. My husband works for UPS in the mornings before his regular full-time day job. This mo has been so crazy for him, he has had to go into work at 2 am work til around 8 and then off to the other job. He Y I both look forward to more sleep. I hardly ever comment, but I have loved reading your posts, you have such a fun writing style, I love it. So, is Robby finishing is 4 year degree or masters? I'm back in school right now through byu-i online and my husband just finished his degree this past July, so I know how fun/hard it can be at time with everyone in school, hang in there. Merry Christmas!

Rachael said...

Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!!
-You're right about the UPS/FedEx/Mail Man(and women). They do make Christmas happen, and it's hard to remember that. It's great that you put that in my mind to remember, and be thankful.

melissa said...

dear sheena, have a merry christmas and you're welcome (see your second to last letter) and hooray!

Unknown said...

aww i love your blog, looks like you had a merry christmas!! hope the new year brings all the good news you are looking for :)