Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas was here

It came, and even quicker.... it went. 
Leaving us a house strewn with paper, bows, new toys, a sugar high, and a warm fuzzy feeling after reflecting on another year gone by.

the weekend went a little like this:
1 happy mother in a teeny tiny kitchen prepping for a Christmas Eve feast
2 crazy kids bouncing off the walls and hanging from the ceiling (and myself joining them a few times)
4000 pieces of glitter and oats scattered around the yard, which supposedly baits the reindeer? I'm not really sure why we do that.....
1 feast with 1 chicken that took 1400 hours to cook was eaten by,
1 small family who stuffed themselves silly.
1 day left of our advent, where we opened 
2 pairs of matching jammies (my kids will be dressed in matching pjs until they leave my house)
We read from Luke 2, and then The Night Before Christmas. 
Cookies, carrots, and notes were left for Santa and the reindeer.
3 minutes were spent outside looking for Rudolph's nose, until toes got cold and raced to bed.
1700 giggles as Robby and I excitedly got Christmas ready. 
27 hours it seemed like we were in bed....just WAITING impatiently for the time we could get up.
Star Wars everything, 1000 color crayons and paints, and 2 of the exact same body butter, from Robby to me, and me to he, because we are super exciting like that.
1 little girl who got 1 hat that hasn't come off her head.....she loves it that much.
What seemed like a few minutes....and it was all over and done. 
1 giant breakfast of strata and sticky buns, 
and then hours of playing, napping, movie watching, and napping some more. 
We topped the night off with a trip to the theater for Narnia, which we LOVED!
(although there were 4 covered eyes through a few parts....but they are still talking about it:)

a few photos, of our very green Christmas...
reindeerfoodtablecakeadventkidsfirecookieswaitingpresentsstickybunsnarnia instax2

.....when can we do this again?

Hope your Christmas was perfect!  


Ladinia DalinTasya said...

your christmas looks like unforgettable :)
fabulous photos


theappletea said...

what a great report!!! lovely family and atmosphere!!!

Candy Pop said...

Lovely post and lovely photographs!

Unknown said...

Sounds just lovely! I enjoyed our small "just us" Christmas so much too...we have a lot of big family things so those moments are so nice!

gram said...

... sounds like a perfect Christmas!.. so many memories...

A Beautiful Life said...

we love christmas jammies on christmas eve, and having children does make the holiday so much more special and magical. Glad you had a great one!

Rachael said...

I love the matching jammies! So cute.
Sounds like you all have a fabulous Christmas! Involving some of my favorite things-food, movies, and sleep!

Marie said...

How funny! William and I both bought the exact same coffee grinder for each other to grind our flax seed. I think I'll take mine back and pick out some awesome body wash. Christmas just never ends!

Love your blog, pictures, family, stories, style and happiness. You are an amazing, wonderful, beautiful person Sheena!

Teachinfourth said...

Your photos told quite the story. Also, I plan to see Voyage of the Dawn Treader on Wednesday…I've heard that it's awesome!

Anonymous said...

Aw, very sweet!

Kari said...

Your Christmas looked perfectly fantastic...can I come over to your house next year? XOXO
Your photos were amazing.

HappyFolk said...

I love your banner! It looks like you all had a wonderful holiday!

danielle @ take heart said...

your christmas looks darling…just darling :)

Amanda said...

love your blog and love your photos! just stumbled upon your blog and had to check it out because you are the little red house and I'm the little yellow one.. haha! I'm jsut getting into photography, also! Your blog inspires me! :)

creampuff said...


I don't know what it is but whenever I come here I just feel happy. Thanks for reminding me what Christmas should be. Hope the reindeer ate all the oats (but not the glitter).

kopi.J said...

WOW! I Love it...
and i thing thats good for you >>

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Thank you!

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