Tuesday, October 25, 2011

little letters

Dear Little Tiny Moments like this one,
You are the best.
ballet copy

Dear 32°,
I am on the lookout for you. Watching for you--the one who will turn my tomatoes to mush--around every corner. So far, you haven't shown your ugly face. But just so you know, when you do decide to come, I will have picked every single green tomato right off the vine so you can claim no victims.

Dear Self,
Why. O Why. Do you always wait until THE very last minute to throw (and cut! and sloppily "sew!") your kids' Halloween Costumes together? Every year.

Dear Halloween,
Let's get a move on already. I feel like you start all the way back in September thanks to the over-commercialism-of-everything, and I am ready for real fall.

Dear Real Fall,
You are pretty.

Dear Thanksgiving,
Am I jumping the gun? It's not even your month yet. 
....I love you.

Dear Winter,
I heard you paid a visit to my sister. Please stay away until December. Thank you.

Dear Halloween Candy,
You seriously make me want to vomit. Yep, I said it......start the booing and throwing-of rotten vegetables. 
What is so good about dusty fake chocolate and hard-as-rock carmel? I would much prefer the sugar to enter my body via cookies, cakes, or ice cream.

speaking of ice cream.....
Dear Haagen Dazs,
Your chocolate and peanut butter ice cream is the best ice cream ever in the history of the universe. 
I ate this twice after my race last weekend and savored every moment 
(as much savoring as quickly shoveling it into my mouth would allow)

Dear Race Last Weekend,
You were hard. Darn that stupid Lyme bug. 
But you were so much fun and I have so many giggly memories from you.

Dear 5 people I rode/ate/slept/stunk up a van with, in last weekend's race,
Let's do it again.

Dear Lauren,
you were greatly missed.

Dear People Who Fill up the Las Vegas Casinos,
I could sit and watch you FOREVER.
where do you all come from?

Dear Zions National Park,
what a treat it was to take a tiny detour right through you last weekend. I hope we can meet again--soon, and more thoroughly.
zion5 copyzion1 copyzion3 copyzion2 copyzion4 copy

Dear Yoga,
my long lost love.
What has happened to us? Once a week is just not enough my friend.....this week lets make sure its twice.
Next week, thrice,

Dear Other Mothers,
Time to fess up:
Is your bedroom clean?
Mine is not.
I like to blame it on the fact that our room in our old tiny house is basically bed sized and we have no where to put everything.
But I think that really, it's just because I don't like to clean it.
And that is the truth.

Dear World,
(Because the whole world reads this blog you know)
Did you know that Whitney Ingram and I are in the final stretch of our cookbook making? It's true.
Just a handful of recipes left to shoot, and then a few final words and pleasantires from Whitney herself, and then off to the project magager it all goes. Watch for it in early Winter 2012!

sincerely yours/all my love/until next time,


Hannah Nicole said...

Dear Sheena,
Your posts make me smile. I love your words and all your photos are swoonworthy. Thank you for writing. And for sharing your cookie recipes. I sincerely thank you (my jeans, however, are revolting -- but that's okay.)
Much love,

Unknown said...

A cookbook?? How awesome. Can't wait to hear more about it!

Unknown said...

seriously, your daughter is the cutest little ballerina ever. i cant wait for my little ones to be in dance-sooo fun.

the snow decided to welcome us this morning-unfortunately. i love fall too and i want to enjoy thanksgiving before christmas.

yay for the cookbook, and ragnar. so jealous that i have not done one yet. maybe this 9 month old baby inside me is a good excuse-but my body wants to run more then ever right now. love these letters.

Ashley said...

I just love your blog. Each post is so unique, and I love the mixture of life, adventure, kids, food, etc. :) Does your sister live in Colorado? Because I woke up to 8" of heavy wet snow today!! It's really pretty though, and I'm sure will be gone in 2 days. I'm not trying to rush time, but yes...bring on Thanksgiving! This year will be extra challenging not eating gluten and already being a non meat eater. Better start creating soon! Can't wait to see the cookbook!

summer said...

i didn't want this post to end!! :)

kate said...

I cannot, cannot, cannot wait for the cookbook! Will pre-orders be available?

Can I ragnar with you? Please? I will quote Tobias until the cows come home! :)

Sanda Vuckovic Pagaimo said...

Dear you,
I do love your blog,your words do put smile on my face.Thank you for that.

The Rowley's said...

Blah.. winter paid us a visit last night. TONS of snow.

Tanae Nelson said...

I laughed when you asked about the bedroom. I feel like I try, but mine ends up being a laundry trap. I am just glad I can shut the door and forget about it.

Nellie and Jason said...

The Haggen Dazs...that is our FAVE flavor! That and the white choc raspberry truffle...I have to restrain myself every time I go down that aisle not to buy like 5 of them.

Christina Rose //floresdelsol said...

that first photo is so perfect.

Lula. said...

You are so cute. Your posts make me happy. And I feel so special to have been mentioned in one :) I thought about you guys all during that weekend and missed every minute of it. But I am so glad it was such a blast.

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