Thursday, March 22, 2012


dear spring, 
I love you I love you I love you. 
I love you. 
You are pink and yellow and blossomy beautiful.
You are flowers and birds and a fly in my house. 
You are sidewalk chalk for hours....
...hopscotch and an ocean scene.
You are sunshine with breezes and breezes with sunshine.
You are bike riding and longboarding while the sun drops from the sky.
You are staying up too late on school nights.......and we don't even mind. 
marchblossom2 copymarchblossom1 copychalk copyskate4 copyskate2 copyskate1 copy
dear spring, 
thank you, thank you, for coming. 
happy spring weekend!


Amber said...

Oh I love spring! Maybe even more so because I live where winter lingers... far longer that is necessary (hint hint winter for next year!) I also wish I could long board. But I agree, endless hours of sidewalk chalk (and teaching a little four year old the art of hopscotch!) is possibly one of the best things spring brings... along with bubbles. lots and lots of bubbles.

Lori Folkman said...

I would say something about it not being spring in MT yet, but then you won't want to move here. :) Beautiful pics like always!

Hannah Nicole said...

we had spring break last week and it felt just like summer -- so wonderful! x

Meg said...

Every spring, I feel like a liberated woman who just broke out of a terrible relationship...with winter. Nice guy, but man...what a taker. Always wears out his welcome. Yay for my new lover---springtime!

Unknown said...

SO HAPPY Spring is here. Thank you for this gorgeous post.

Ashley said...

Cuties!! I would like to own your daughter's dress. :)

Laura said...

Laughing at Meg's comment! :) Love all your posts, but this one breaths EXCITEMENT. The boarding looks fabulous.