Tuesday, June 26, 2012


today was very.........normal. 
and normal was good. 
It's the first week in what seems like one bazillion years that no one had school or homework or projects or groups or meetings to worry about. 
So we did normal things. 
Didn't set an alarm. 
Ate some granola and yogurt for breakfast. 
He went to work.
We ran some errands. 
It was hot. 
Like, sticking-your-armpits-in-front-of-the-car-AC, hot. 
And that was already happening in the morning.
Did some laundry.
Sweat a little bit more. 
Kids in the sprinkler. 
ME in the sprinkler. 
Made some salsa. 
Made a quick dinner with minimal cooking (hot)
We had burrito bowls (added some zucchini and cabbage into the mix). 
Kitchen cleanup (blasting music)
Everyone helps.
Out in the yard. 
I mow. 
He trims. Edges.
The Littles scoop the poo.
Popsicle payment.
Sun is going down
"Should we go for a ride?"
So we do.
I like normal.


Ana Morais said...

I love regular daily photos!
And yours are always lovely.
Think for inspire me so much!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you just need to saturate yourself in the normal. Breathe in the sunshine that soaks the ordinary moments in life. That is the sunshine that keeps us warm when we need it the most.

colton said...

Love this!! i adore your photos and your writing. one tiny question... how come i can't view your entire post in google reader anymore? I have to click over to the actual blog every time. :(


Anonymous said...

"normal" days without obligations are the best. you did good by getting laundry done. I would've skipped that part. :)

kylie said...

normal is a beautiful thing.

Rach said...

cannondale?! yay!!! I ride one/used to sell them and love it! you're going to love it :)