Thursday, January 17, 2013

5 Things (and then some.....)

If you're on Instagram you've likely seen the little 5 Things game going around where you're supposed to share a picture + 5 random facts. 
I thought I'd share here.....and then share a few extras for the blog.
1. My graduating high school class had 37 students.
2. I tried very hard for a few years to be a city girl, but I am a country girl at heart....I long to get back to my roots.
3. I have never been further East than Wyoming. This needs to change. (we are always traveling up and down THIS side of the country.....we need to move laterally next time!)
4. I knew my husband for 6 months the day we got married.....but hey! We are still here, alive and well. 
5. I love the smell of fresh cut hay, cows, and skunk (see #2)
6. Yes, my bathroom is pink.
7. I grew up with my (boy) cousins and all their (boy) friends. I have played every sport and feel happiest and most comfortable when I'm doing something physical. 
8. I want my own bees.
9. I loved college. I LOVED taking tests. I want to go back for more school and study environmental science.
10. I like long drives. I will drive across the country some day (this would help with #3)
11. I'm turning 30 in exactly one week. ONE WEEK!! I am so excited....let's get these 20s over with!

Feel free to share your 5 Things on your own blog or on Instagram!
and don't forget to tag your weekend photos #howweweekend

happy weekend!


Courtney said...

1. Your hair is soooo long! Wow! I've never seen it so long. It looks great. Of course, I like it wild and crazy and short too. You can never go wrong.
2. You TOTALLY need to travel over here.
3. I love that you love school and want to go back. You threw me off guard with the environmental science, but I can see it. That is very awesome.
4. I noticed that you were looking at houses in Heber based on the one you posted on fb. ......
5. You turn 30 next week!!! Yay~ I'm glad I got to know the Sheena that wore tiny fitted funny t-shirts from goodwill and listened to Blink 182 and Good Charlotte and I'm even more glad that I've stayed friends with you as you've turned into the beautiful person you are today!

Hayley said...

i want bees too. and bunnies.

let's talk.

Robyn said...

lovely photo and blog!x

Anna said...

Fun! I have lots of westward traveling to do, but there are many amazing places to see if you go east. I am from New England (Maine) and the mountains, forests and ocean are beautiful there.

Anonymous said...

Totally love that you don't care about turning 30! Why do people hate getting older!? And yes, you totally need to visit the east coast sometime!

in dreams said...

happy early birthday sheena! i just turned 30 back in december, but it wasn't as scary as i thought it'd be. hope yours is great!! :)

Caitlin said...

that's incredible about how long you knew your husband before getting married! sometimes, you just know ;)

jenniferhoiyin said...

Catching up on your lovely blog today, and loving these little facts. I want my own bees too.. + chickens + goats.

Happy Birthday next week!

Unknown said...

Girl! I love your hat!! Where's that cute thing from??

Miranda said...

So jealous you have bees! We recently moved and I had to leave my chickens behind. I miss them terribly.

create everyday said...

LOVE your visuals. I am a roadtripper myself. I have a natural pull to the west (north and south) as well and when given an opportunity, will choose these directions. i LOVE me the desert! thank you for sharing.