Wednesday, January 23, 2013

in color

Last weekend we loaded up the car with light jackets, hats, smiles on our faces, and left our frozen land for sunshine and color. A few months back, Robby asked me what I wanted to do for my upcoming big birthday, and I couldn't think of anything I'd rather do then head to the desert and soak up it's sun. My friend Ali's birthday is the day right after mine, so we turned it into one big family birthday three day weekend bash. The best.

We shed our coats and boots, and welcomed the 50° like it were summer (it practically was). I was in awe of all the color around us--oranges! reds! the bluest sky you have ever seen! 
This is the coldest winter we have ever had since we've lived in Utah......single digits every morning when I wake up--and it's been like this for the last few weeks. I can get over the temperature--but I just can't get over the inversion. What's inversion? It's NASTY. It's when a layer of warm air over the valley traps in all the cold smoggy air and pollution...right on top of us. I can't see my mountains. It smells. It's so bad I haven't even ran since we've been back from California. It turns our world gray and dirty and colorless--so to be standing in a desert full of vibrant color and warm life......well, it was an amazing feeling. I felt like Dorothy when she first landed in Oz. 
I stood there soaking up it's life and recharging my winter battery.

This is our crew. We are kind of a sight to see..... 
Snow Canyon.
We explored the lava fields and the kids played and played and ran and rolled and dug for hours in the sand. Over and over again. They could not have been happier. We took them (all nine) on a sunset bike ride, and then brought them back for the night and dumped the sand out of their socks and ears.
please tell me you saw her fall. heehee. 

Zion National Park.
I just can't believe that this magical place is in our backyard. It has quickly become my very favorite place to be, and I love feeling so small within it's grand towering walls.
We roamed around a bit, and took the kids on a little bike ride through the sunshine and rock.
We ended our trip with a visit to Oscars. 
a few tips: Want to go to the desert in the winter? We weren't quite up for camping (too cold at night still), and since there were three families going we decided to split a condo. We went through Coral Ridge, and I can't recommend them enough. The house was fully stocked with everything we needed, so we could grocery shop and prepare all of our meals there (the boys made THE best grilled salmon and steak I have ever had in my life). There was more than enough room for all of us, and the kids loved having a pool and hot tub to play in at the end of the day. We look forward to doing it again.

Oh desert, I love you. 
I might have to run away with you again soon.


melissa said...

i'm not ashamed to admit i've been waiting for this post all weekend. sheena, this is the EXACT weekend we have planned in a few weeks! snow canyon then zion! (except without awesome friends, sadly.) we just didn't know where to stay, and i'm going to copy you and check out that condo business. you kill me. (as does the inversion.) xxoo

Jackie said...

Boo on the inversion! Yes on Southern UT! We escape the nasty blanket of grodiness via up high, crazy how warm it is compared to the valley. Great photos, I can't wait to get back to the red rock!

twinsontherun said...

This looks so fun! I'm so sick of the inversion I could scream! I'd love to have some friends to go on a trip like this. I love my friends dearly but shopping is about as adventurous as they get. Take me with you next time! :)

Olya said...

This inversion is one of the reasons why we are so looking forward to moving some day. We'll be heading to California in a few weeks, and your photos are making me quite excited to be passing through southern UT. It's been a while since we traveled that way...

m+k said...

just wanted to say that I found you on pinterest and LOVE your blog. it is gorgeous and inspiring. can't wait to try some of your recipes soon.

jenniferhoiyin said...

this is the best idea, desert visits with friends! So fun. Who knew the desert was such an incredible place?! It's been too long wince we've been.

Anonymous said...

The inversion is BAD this year! We're happy to be out of it up in Park City. Yay for Southern Utah...looks like an amazing, WARM getaway weekend! :)

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