Monday, January 28, 2013

how we weekend : january

Can you believe we just went through our last weekend in January?! I was lucky enough to be celebrating my birthday all weekend. Friday Robby took me to Cooper Onion (mmmmm). Saturday we spent some time downtown, ate Ruby Snap  until we burst, and stayed cozy all evening by the fire. Sunday we welcomed a blanket of fresh fluffy snow that washed away our dirty air and painted our world white. It really was a perfect, wintry weekend.

me and my customary tower-o-rubysnap for my birthday.
A few weeks ago I asked you to tag your weekend photos #howweweekend on instagram. I have loved taking a peek at so many different weekends around the globe. It was a month filled with snowy adventures and cozy comfort food. 
Here are a few of my favorites from the month of was so hard to choose....
weekend photos brought to you by: 
@littlepenelopelane / @kylieturley
@darcyparker / @haygardi
@mylifeatplaytime / @skwebb
@amyrachel / @birchtreesandpinecones
@ziziadventures / @ericaleaphotos
@amsullivan / @alliefinch
@rachellewilliams / @haygardi
@alidachrista / @thelittleredhouse
@ziziadventures / @hancooper
@hancooper / @edendaygreer
@olyaya / @dearcaralou
@thelittleredhouse / @alidachrista
@lindseyjparry / @olyaya

Thanks so much to everyone who played along! I'm already excited to see what February weekends will bring. 

How was YOUR weekend?


Julie said...

your blog is by far my favourite ! fresh - happy - very cool and inspiring ! We are currently living in Europe , (its been 5 years !!! ) and are moving back home this summer to Canada , i've miss North America and simply can not wait to run , eat and travel my homeland. Your blog makes me even more exited to go back.
In the meantime , we plan to enjoy every last bit of our european adventure , going o Thailand in 2 weeks , house haunting and eating very good cheese and pastry in France...=:)
Love the week-end pictures ! Great idea !!!

eden greer said...

Thanks for posting my photo! It's really fun to get to be a part of this and see everyone else's weekends too! Happy late birthday! Hope your week is full of fun and blessings!

eden greer said...
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Deborah said...

Loved this hashtag project on IG, thanks for featuring my photo. Can't wait for February as well!

Amber said...

Love that you do this! And must remember to tag my photos!

Darcy said...

This has been so fun seeing how others across the country/globe spend their weekends. Thanks for starting this! And thanks so much for including my photo! Happy Belated Birthday!!!

Zizi said...

Thank you for including 2 of my photos (@ziziadventures). It's great to see how people spend their weekend!

Erica Lea said...

So cool to see how everyone else spent their weekends! Thank you for including my photo. :)