Tuesday, January 29, 2013

between a rock and a........rock


rock climbing.
a first for me.

We have been climbing at an indoor wall the last few months with the kids, and it has quickly become one of our new favorite ways to spend time as a family. It's something we can all do together, it's a great way to be active in the winter, and I have found it to be an excellent workout for my (lack of) upper body.

When we went south last week, we spent a day climbing in Snow Canyon. I had been looking forward to it all week and as I stepped into the harness my nerves started to flutter.....deeeeeep breathe.
I could do it....right? I'd watched Ali scurry right up like it was nothing, so it couldn't be too scary....could it? I put my trust in my husband that he wouldn't drop me (I think??!!) and started up the massive wall in front of me.

Up up, all good.....up up....peeking down......ohhh. down. 
It's so far DOWN! eeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaa. ooooo. down.
I wanted down, yes. That sounded good. Let's go down.
But guess what.....that loving husband of mine wouldn't let me down. nope.
So I had to keep going......up. Without looking down to the millions of feet I could have fallen....I kept going up.
And I loved it.
So I went up some more. and some more.
And then I came dowwwwwwwnnn and did it all again.
It was quite the feeling being up on that sunset colored rock, learning to trust myself, and how to move up and across it's nooks and crannies, as I was careful and took my time.
When can we do this again?


Eleanor said...

Talk about an adventure!

Amber said...
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Amber said...

That's it! I'm officially jealous of your life.

Unknown said...

I need to look into this more! I have so many questions, but mostly just this one, who gets that main line secure?

sheena said...

@tiffany bolton our friends are very experienced climbers and have been climbing/teaching for years. They set up all the ropes:)

tanalicious said...

sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnaaaaaaaaaaa!! We have stuff (ie. rope/harness) but no body to go with.. Sniff. Lets get together in the spring and make our husbands belay and babysit! Synchronized climbing.. We can start a new trend..

demetria said...

incredible photos!