Wednesday, May 26, 2010

and we're back...

...kind of.

technically speaking I guess.....seeing as though we are here, in our home...

with stuff EVERYWHERE, and no idea where to start.

But my brain is still confused as to what day it is (any one?), what time it is (late), and whether or not it needs to switch out of vacation mode. (it does)

Oh....and I somehow need to get ready for my parents to come (tomorrow/today?) and get ready for a little girl's birtday (saturday!) yikes!

And find some time to stretch out my poor body that was in a car for close to 13 hours today thanks to an awesome(ha!) detour.

But there is still a lot to talk about...

Unfortunately our San Francisco day was cut short (er...cut all together) seeing as though it would not. stop. raining. Not even a bit.

So since this was the only SF photo I got, just close your eyes and pretend I took photos of
-Golden Gate Park
-the most adorable houses
-Pier 39
-the farmers market
-insert your favorite San Francisco tourist attraction that we should have done, here.

But most importantly the Dr.'s apt went AMAZINGLY well. wow.
(and thank you for your well wishes!!)

I start tomorrow on a whole new routine of something like 87 different pills/Rxs/supplements/oils/and magic potions-and I am so excited to do so!

One step closer to being done!

I will be back soon with fun stories to share!


AllAmericanGrl said...

Welcome Back!! :)

Its Thursday May 27, 2010 just in case you were wondering! ;)

So glad to hear your doc appointment was amazing!!! hopefully this will end your Lyme!

Have a great rest of the week!

p.s. I had twin eggs today when I made my Healthifed Banana Nut Bread. I thought of you and your egg post!! lol :)

LobotoME said...

welcome back and glad to hear your dr's appt went well!!! yippee for specialists!

Shannon said...

Wohoo for a new treatment regime! Hope it works for you. Bummer about the rainy SF day though. Unfortunately that happens a lot there. Good luck getting back into real life. :)

banananutmeg said...

Tell me you at least ate good food in frisco!

Mmmmmm saltwater taffy....sourdough bread...fresh fish....

Jeana Bird said...

I am glad you are back and that your doctor's appointment went well! I hope it works! I admire you strength and determination. Good luck with the party this weekend...can't wait to see pictures!

gram said...

I expect lots of birthday pics! .. wish we could be there! ... hope your new drug therapy works!.. hugs to my greats!

the crew said...

wishing you the best with your new regime! hope things improve soon.

whitneyingram said...

Good luck with your new treatment regiment. I hope you are able to get some relief and that your life returns to normal soon.

Marcina said...

I'm glad that everything went well around there!

Oh,good luck with your new regime!:)

Lula. said...

I am exhausted just reading about it.

The one photo you DID get is beautiful.

And best of luck as you figure all of that out!

rungirlrun32 said...

Crossing my fingers and more importantly praying that this is the solution to your long and very well endured trial. Love you girl!