Monday, May 17, 2010

over the weekend....

a few from the weekend....more coming soon! the weekend really over? I am still unsure as to what day/time it actually is.

It was very full of:

-quick plane rides
-humidity + my hair don't mix
-a pretty wedding
-camera strap tan lines
-10ish hours with a pbj as my only fuel
....which only lead to
-drastic measures
-eating a hamburger
-at 10:30 at night
-and loving every bite
-and maybe wishing I had another
-3 hours of sleep
-dragging my sis-in-law out of bed before 4 am to haul me back to the airport
-through the fog
-counting down seconds until I am home again
-and greeted by little notes on my bed
-lying in the sunshiney (sunshiney!) grass reading stories
-making (and eating) cookies together

and then craaaaaassshhhing.

see you soon.


Ta said...

What a busy weekend!

gram said...

.. busy, busy girl!.. am anxious to hear more about your week-end...

summer said...

i'm excited to see more pretty wedding photos and make those cookies!

lorelie said...

Those little notes are precious...I love little kids handwriting, in crayon. The love just spills from those pages.