Friday, May 28, 2010

friday love: condensed

Oh what a week!!!

So full it will be spilling over into next week....guranteed!

Let's start out with the food....and how much we loved Sam's Chowder House!

If you are ever ANYWHERE even close to Half Moon Bay....please please please go!!
(the covered porch was perfect for the rainy afternoon!)

I will forever be dreaming about that Salmon Burger.
(and robby highly recommends the lobster roll!)
mmm....salmon burger.

And one more place, special to my heart that needs a good loving shout out.

Dos Coyotes in Roseville, CA.
A long time favorite of ours from waaaay back in the day when it was right down the street.
everything is so so good. This time I went with fish tacos....mmm!!

Love this kid.

We loved celebrating an early birthday with our cousins!!

I love that my baby is turning 3 (ok I'm totally lying....I don't love it at all) but I DO love that grandma and grandpa are here to celebrate, and we're going to have the BEST party weekend!!
Can't wait!! (now I'm off to make a bajillion cupcakes)

Happy Weekend!!

What did you love about this week?


Marcina said...

How fun! I love your shooting style:)

Happy early birthday to your little girl! They grow up so fast!

summer said...

yay! so glad you're back. and so happy to hear that all went well with the new doctor! have fun partying this weekend!

ps. of course, i LOVE the photo of you with your boy. cuteness. i hope i remember to take pictures with my kids when i'm a mom.

ali said...

oh I'm so glad you got to eat at Sam's Chowder house. One of my favorite eateries.

whitneyingram said...

What did I love about this week?

Getting to know our new baby. She is doing so well and her first doctor's appointment revealed that she is healthy. Thank heavens.

And my husband hasn't had to work too much this week so we have been enjoying having him home. We got my new picnic table this week and we have been painting it this week. It's the brightest, happiest blue and I LOVE it.

Steph said...

...that nothing out of the ordinary happened and it was just wondrous.

Thanks so much for your blog...its so uplifting and full of light. See you around here.

gram said...

about this week... I love that we're getting rain (instead of snow)and hoping we might be able to plant somw flowers nextweek! Happy Birthday to Lucy Lu fro GG & Papa G!