Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Love: Special Edition

I love moms. It's true.

Big ones.
Small ones.
Short ones.
Tall ones.

I love MY mom.
I love her mom.
I love your mom
and "your mom" jokes.

my grandma and her mom.
my mom and her mom.
me and my mom.

Today I am feeling so lovey, if you are a mom, or plan to be, or have a mother, then I probably love you.

But mostly I love BEING a mom.
It is really
without any doubt
the best.

It is HARD. They tell you it will be....but you have no idea.

Interrupted sleep....not just when they are little...but every. single. night.
The whining. The screeching. It hurts.
The reaching-into-the-(used)-toilet-to-get-out-whatever-they-dropped.
Every possible situation involving poo.
Always having someone peek in at you while you are in the shower. always.
Being sick, and really wanting a sick day, but still having to "mom".
the messes. within messes. on top of messes.

hard stuff here.

denver hotel. august 2009

But it's even harder knowing they are growing so you have to make sure to enjoy

the hugs and squeezes and double wet kisses.
the silly things they say in the middle of the night
the snuggling....oh! the snuggling!
just thinking about the fact that YOU created this sweet little person.
they think you are beautiful. and cool. and the best. (and they tell you so!)
the handmade bracelets with "extra pink beads because you like pink"
pigtails. I will never stop thinking their bounce is the cutest thing in the world.

I am so happy to be a mother.
I have everything I need, in these two little people.

Happy Mothers Day Weekend!

*photos courtesy of LIFE


summer said...

your blog makes me so happy!
i am all smiles right now.
i can't wait for my chance to be a mom.

Amie said...

Happy Mother's Day! I can't wait to be a mom...aaah so excited for the future! It will be quite a while, but I'm very pumped about it.

have a great weekend!

banananutmeg said...

beautiful pics.
beautiful post.

nicole said...

now i feel all lovely too.
indeed being a mom is the best ever but the hardest too.

HeddyShea said...

what a great post. Thank you for making me smile (and maybe cry a little)! I feel so fortunate to finally be part of this awesome club!

carmenfarrell said...

Beautiful, Sheena. I'm usually just a lurker here - but couldn't resist piping up. Such a great post, and sentiment.

judi said...

I love mom's too! I love that I have the best mom! I love being a mom! But there's nothing like watching my girls be moms! Being "mom" just gets better and better!

Happy Mothers'Day!

Mia said...

Beautiful post. :)

whitneyingram said...

If the hospital isn't too full, I will get to have my baby on Mother's Day. It seems so appropriate.

Marcina said...

Beautiful post! Really beautiful post.

Happy Mother's day to you Sheena!!!

And girl,I can't believe I lost your giveaway. Next time I'll be sure to join! If there is a next time,of course :-)

Natalie said...

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that is the BEST post I've ever read. Maybe it's because I, too, feel that way about pigtails and snuggles. MOM: The hardest, dirtiest, loudest, AWESOME job ever! Happy Mother's Day!

Lesley said...

what an awesome post! now you have me feeling all lovey dovey. you guys are the cutest. happy mother's day!

Kate said...

I know exactly what you mean! *Chocking back tears*

Kate said...

oops, I spelled choking wrong...

The Rowley's said...

I love your mom too. And i cant wait to be a mom. and i think your an awesome mom.

gram said...

.. and I love all 'my moms' out there in Simms & Utah & Wyoming .. and can't forget mama-to-be in Colorado! Hugs to all of you!

lorelie said...

You summed it up so beautifully, like always. And look just like your mom!

Happy Mother's Day!

Ta said...

This is a nice celebration of Moms. And the kids are awesome.

Stephanie said...

Just scrolled to this post after commenting on the picture of you reading to your kids in bed. REALLY love the pic of you jumping in bed with them. How cool are you?!

Oh, "and 'your mom' jokes" had me rolling. He he!