Wednesday, May 19, 2010


today we took off our shoes.
the earth squished between our toes.
it was smudged on our faces,
and is still refusing to come out from underneath our fingernails.

today we dug.

and not so deep.

we watered.
tiny plants.
and each other.

today didn't stop until the last piece of sun fell out of the sky.
we smelled of compost.
and chicken poo.

I wish more days were like today.


Erica Lea said...

Lovely words and photos. You have a wonderful gift.

Jacob said...

i love this! so summery and so happy. just enjoying life and family. a great day to be alive.
britt said...

today we did very much of the same, sans compost. ain't it grand?

Mia said...

Beautiful post! Like reading poetry. :)

Ta said...

lovely photos. .

Anonymous said...

lovely! I love the photos!

Elise said...

Planting my very first garden tomorrow! Very excited!

Thanks for inspiration.

keishua said...

aww!! that looks like a precious time. love the photos