Friday, June 4, 2010

friday love

It's Friday!! What a week!

We have been running around like crazy (uhh.... I JUST got unpacked from last weeks trip...whoops) but it's been a good one. There has been so much sunshine I don't even know what to do with myself!!
We have been working outside, splashing in the sprinkler, meeting new friends, playing with old friends, and just soaking it up. I see pool days in the very near future.

We love a quick, healthy, throw together dinner!!
Summer Pasta Salad
-your favorite pasta
-kalamata olives
-artichoke hearts
-feta cheese
toss with olive oil, fresh lemon juice, fresh basil and oregano, and a little s&p!

I love that our garden survived through our freak end-of-May snowstorm! Things are GROWING!

I just looooooove this photo I found in a 1960s Life Magazine.

I have to confess.....I totally made fun of it forever, and now, after not really meaning to sign up...I LOVE Twitter! Go ahead and laugh--but it is the fastest way to share info and so fun getting to know all your favorite bloggers. Sorry for cheating on you fb friends.....that's where I've been....follow me here

Ok. Where to begin with this one.....I am in LOVE with ALL of Jenny's products over at LobotoME. She has everything you need to be more organized (which is exactly what I need to do). I've been using her Feed Me lists.....they are perfect! Your meal plan, and grocery list, cozied up together. I also really like the Fit Me notepad....especially right now as I'm getting ready for the big race--I figure out at the beginning of the week exactly what I need to do, and when it's written down I make SURE it happens (although, 3 workouts in 24 hours seems alot easier when it's just written down....yikes)

Check out all LobotoME products here, and her cute blog here.
annnnnnd now-July 15 enter the code "eclipse" at checkout and get 15% off!

(click for larger)

So I've talked about Pomplamoose before.....but they have a new song and it has to be heard! I am really obsessed with these two and how amazingly creative and kooky they are it!

What did you love about this week???

Happy Weekend!


Marcina said...

What a cute garden!! And I loved that video!! It's amazing.

I loved that I spent more time with my family :-)

Have a great weekend! :)

Shannon said...

Ooh that FeedMe pad is awesome. I need one! I like planning by the week. It's the easiest.

We have been loving the warm weather too! And swimming lessons! Can't wait to hit the pool. I love that I can get fresh avocado and berries for so cheap right now! And that Davin seems to be pretty much all recovered from his ear tube surgery. Happy weekend!

camandholls said...

I love Pomplamoose and I love watching their videos. So talented and such a cute couple. Kooky is the perfect word.

Yum...can I come to your house for dinner? It looks like you have some good stuff planned. Your handwritting is perfect, it looks like a font. I need to be better at my meal planning and my grocery lists are always a mess.

Jennifer Young said...

catching up with blogs!! that's what i enjoyed about this week :)

love pomplamoose, love your photos!

{Erica} said...

don't you just love pomplamoose? a family favorite over here at our house!

What I loved about this visited until tuesday, disneyland on Thursday and a hot date in with McVet last night. yes, it was a fabulous week.

p.s. I tweeted then deleted. do i miss it...sometimes.

kate said...

made eggs and bacon. relaxed. worked in the yard. watched a movie and snuggled with a special someone. found your lovley blog.

Unknown said...

I can see that you are having a good time and you have been enjoying your weekend to the fullest, that's good.
The summer pasta salad looks so delicious to me.
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LobotoME said...

thanks for the lobotome luv - glad you are enjoying the feedme notepad! cheers, jenny :)