Friday, June 25, 2010

friday love

First week of summer!!! And it was perfect!
-long hot days that stretch on and on and on
-getting lost in a good book
-the pool.......oh the pool!
-summer evening BBQs
-camping trips in the making
-eating the first peppers out of our garden
-oh.....and the fact that there is still light in the air at 9:00.....I LOVE it!

You know I love a quick and simple dinner.....and we LOVE breakfast burritos!

Breakfast Burritos
+ guacamole (avocado+red onion+cilantro+lime+salt)
+ black "smashy" beans (black beans cooked with garlic, lime, and cumin, and then smashed)
+potatoes (diced and boiled, then cooked in a hot pan with a little o.o. and s&p)
+eggs (scrambled)
+pepper jack cheese
+ cilantro
fold. top with salsa. and enjoy!

again, with the whole "I love summer theme"
I go to bed at night and wake up so happy! There is just something magic about it....don't you think??
Like the "it's way past bedtime but we decided to have daddy spray us while we're still dressed" moments. I love them.
I love my out of control roses.

I have been unhealthily obsessing over this house. (from this months issue of BHG).
Really. I am in LOVE, and need to live can we make that happen?

I am really loving the talented miss Susan's Striped Bow Bags.
This song is a few years old, but I am currently so in love with it. It played along my night run last weekend, and it's just so fun and happy to dance you will see below. on a side note, I hope to be like her some day.

Happy Weekend!! Do something summery!

What did you love about this week?


Kelly said...

that house is AWESOME! I love the roof!

ali said...

I was just obsessing over that SAME house in the BHG magazine at the dentist yesterday! Oh and there was a kitchen somewhere in there that I MUST day!!!!

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

that video is fabulous! i hope i'm dancing around like that when i'm her age.

Silver Strands said...

I loved that we got a teensy bit of rain this week.

Those burritos look amazing!

gram said...

sheena.. what a cute video... and a cute little lady..

Amie said...

I'm loving your wild roses too - so pretty!!

And you are right, there is something wonderful and magical about the summer.

summer said...

oh yum. i'm making these the minute i get home from camp.

isn't the pool a magical place? i lived there as a child. sometimes i wish i still did.