Thursday, June 10, 2010

small town, usa

(yep, still playing blog catch up from our trip....)

Newcastle and Loomis, California

Where to eat: The Rat Trap, Newcastle
Tip: the turkey is reeeally good
Where to thrift: Merry Go Round Antiques, Newcastle
tip: this place is HUGE. plan on spending some time there. Don't be alarmed by the outrageously priced items at the front of the store(barn). Head to the back where she forgot what she has and is basically giving stuff away.
Where to sample and buy 1000 different sauces, dips, marinades, and schmears: New Castle Produce, Newcastle, obviously
Tip: Don't go right after lunch at The Rat Trap. They have a deli as well, and you will want to try it, but your tummy will be much too full.

Where to look at amazing plants and trees and browse the cutest fabric store. Also, where to eat at a restaraunt where they grown ALL their own produce right there. (we ran out of time to eat there this time....but next time for sure!)
High-Hand Nursery, Loomis.
Tip: Don't even go into the Persian Rug section. Don't. You will want everything (rug, coverlet, giant bag that you could fit your family in), and you won't be able to afford it, yet will still be thinking of it all weeks later.

the end.


Teresa said...

It's like your own version of Diners, Drive Ins and Dives....sort of. What neat places!!

Ta said...

First i love that show Teresa!
And these are some really lovely photos.

Marcina said...

Oh, I love your point of view.
lovely pictures:)

The Fredy Family said...

Loving seeing our local spots on your blog. Just an FYI, Newcastle is one word. :-) Next time your in town walk around Old Town Auburn. So much texture and super cute stores!

Anna said...

Looks like you scored a great vintage globe, I'm jealous. Just blogged about my globe obsession yesterday.

Melissa said...

I miss Newcastle. We would go there every Thursday for Kylie's OT and PT. It was fun to go early before her appointments and peak around town and find cool things. Hmmm.... maybe a road trip for old times sake. We are only about an hour away....

Emily Voigtlander said...

Ahhh! I've missed a few weeks of your blogging and it is such a treat to read about local spots I love! And beautiful photography, as always!