Friday, June 18, 2010

happy weekend....?

As you sit down Friday night to eat your pizza and watch a movie with your favorite person, think of me.....I'll be running.

As you snuggle in your cozy bed in the wee hours of the night, dream of me....I'll be running.

And if those 9.6 miles at 4 am don't kill me..... you sit admiring your garage sale finds and set out to do yard work, think of me.

I'll be slowly dying on this hill.
And if you help to plan my funeral, please no musty potluck dinners.
I want a buffet of cupcakes in all different colors.
With sprinkles.
And no sad "wind beneath my wings" type songs.
I want The Format Pandora station.



Happy Father's Day to my very favorite dad in the whole own.

and to the bestest daddy ever that gave me two adorably adorable children.

Happy Weekend!!

ps. and make sure you enter Vibeke's super awesome giveaway....all the way from Norway!
pps. I'll be on facebook and tweeting the entire race....come follow me here


Stephanie said...

Your writing is refreshing and cracks me up. Good luck on your run!

gram said...

.. hope I can find you on FB or TWEET... hugs from gram!

judi said...

Sorry, I'm singing "wind beneath my wings" as I think of you! I can't help myself....
my word verification "wingg"!!

Jill said...

good luck miss sheena...

i have a killer summer pasta recipe to send you...

it involves lots of basil + fresh tomatoes.

is your mouth watering yet?

it SHOULD be :)

Kasey said...

HOLY elevation change, Batman!

Best of luck!

Amie said...

CONGRATS! How exciting - I just looked on that site and they don't have one near me...I would love to do that!
I am running my second 5K on Sunday - the Amazon Foundation 'Run for the Trees' in Venice. I'm pretty pumped/nervous/excited about it! I'm wishing you (and myself) much luck!

Marcina said...

Hope everything goes well on your ride Sheena!

I loved that picture of your little girl and her CUTE! :)

Natalie said...

I DID think of you....

I love your labels. Priceless!

Cute Daddies at the end of this post! You were as adorable as your Lu is, and that's quite a feat!

Cami said...

It sounds like you survived the run! Congrats! By the way thank you for the buffet of cupcakes! I was coming up with all sorts of cupcake ideas to send your way!