Thursday, September 30, 2010

business time

Just a few items of business: 

1. Thank you to everyone who has hit up my shop in the past few days! There are still a few things left.....get 'em while they're hot!

2.I am so happy this little blog was featured on Be@Home (thanks emma:) 

3. We are still eating (and loving) our home made yogurt. I have figured out that a gallon of milk's worth of greek yogurt will get us through about one week. So I plan on making it once a week...perfect!
some of our favorite ways to eat it:
-mixed with a spoonful of strawberry/blackberry/apricot jam
-maple syrup and almonds
-orange juice mixed in (kids favorite)
-POM mixed in
-maple syrup and peaches (my favorite)

4. As silly as yesterday's post was, I thoroughly enjoyed making wishes, and have been thinking more about wishes today. What IF wishes came true.....better not keep them in:)
Play along and make a wish--I think I'll be doing it more's addicting!


I'm coming!!

I'll be in the Sacramento area Saturday November 13, and I'd love to squeeze in a few photo sessions while I'm there. 
Please email me sheenajibsonphotography at gmail dot com for session and package details.

See you SOON!


Unknown said...

oh i have got to try some of that yogurt. I am jealous that you are going back to my roots. have an enjoyable time and take lots of pics.

todays wish would be to have my husband home during scouts so we can watch project runway together. but what type of blessings come with that wish right? I will just have to wait up!

Natalie said...

I'm making yogurt tonight! Thanks for the inspiration!!

Shiloh said...

How many cups of the greek yogurt do you get from a whole gallon of milk?

sheena said...

shiloh- 1 gallon of milk makes anywhere from 5-7cups....depending on how long you let is strain.