Friday, September 24, 2010

friday love

It's Friday!! Hooray! I cherish the weekend 1000 times more now that everyone (oh--yes--did I mention Robby is back in school too?) is in school. Here are some of the things I loved this week.....

I love chocolate. You do too, right? These are the cupcakes I made a few weeks ago for our back-to-school feast. They should come with a warning.....they are so incredibly rich and chocolatey.... I don't think I could feel my feet after I ate them. But they were the perfect remedy for the everyone-is-leaving-me-and-going-to-school blues. The cake recipe is the same that I just posted, and the ganache is super easy! 

Whipped Chocolate Ganache
12oz. good quality chocolate
2 cups whipping cream
(enough for 24 cupcakes)

Chop chocolate into small pieces and place in bowl. 
Bring cream to a simmer on stove, and pour over chocolate, stirring chocolate until mixture is smooth. 
Put mixture in the refrigerator until it's cold. 
When mixture is cold, whip until it's firm and spreadable. 
Sprinkle with sprinkles.....because it looks kind of ugly. (I think you can pipe it, but you'd have to work very quickly because it starts to firm up)
ganache copy

I love when he reads to her.
hereadstoher copy

We love color! And we aren't afraid to use it!

EEEEEK!!! Glee is back! 
Are you so excited!! Can we talk about it?
What did you think?
-I'm happy for it's return....but I will say there have been episodes that brought me goosebumps and tears....and the premiere brought neither...what about you? I still loved every second, and I about died during Sue's and Santana's conversation....ha!!
-Coach Bieste. oh my. I am so confused....I know she is a she, but she looks like a he. And sounds like a he. And has big arms like a he. But she put on lipstick and cried and then I liked her/him.
-Why is Rachel all the sudden the hot girl?
Picture 27

I am a chapstick lover. This is my favorite right's PERFECT!  I actually haven't found anything from the entire line that I don't love.
Picture 21
I LOVE taking pictures of is my absolute favorite! Email me if  you and your other half would like me to come's fun:) (and see more of these two here)

kelly and ryan

As usual, I am completely smitten by the Toast catalogue. I cannot get over their insane photography.
Picture 24
Picture 26
Picture 25

I love sweaters!! All kinds....and right now I am especially loving oversized, cozy boyfriend sweaters

Pomplamoose has a new song! Of course I have to post the video!

Also--if you are feeling like you need even a bit of inspiration or motivation to get up and get moving....PLEASE go watch THIS. Runners you will LOVE it! Non-runners--you will love it, and want to start running tomorrow. 

Happy Weekend!!!

What did you love about this week?


Sabrina said...

Love Glee. We just got into it a month ago so now watching it one episode a week that's why I was thinking this episode wasn't my favorite but maybe I was wrong. I thought the AMEX commercial with Sue was almost better than this episode. I love Sue. Hate Rachel's bangs, makes her look way too old for high school. Can't wait for Brittany next week.

Agree with everything else you said about the episode.

Rachelle said...

i can't believe i'm admitting this;
I LOVE GLEE! sshhhh! don't tell anyone.

Shannon said...

LOVE Glee! The premiere was lacking, but that's because everyone was lacking heart I think. They weren't lovin' each other. Yuck to Rachel's new look. I think I like Bieste. I did have to go back and watch What I Did for Love a couple times. One of my fave showtunes. I am excited to hear all the Britney covers next week and to see some story development with Will and Emma.

Pomplamoose is pretty much golden in whatever they do. Thanks for sharing the new song!

Unknown said...

Ahhh I think you just blogged about my favorite things besides my family. Chocolate-glee-new cardigan from target i just got-and running! First of all glee was okay-I agree. I do like that rachel was wearing some items of clothes that I own, this made me secretly proud (H&M). Then that new cardi from target is so so comfy and cute. love it in camel. Also running, I am addicted and totally love it. If you ever need an extra woman for the ragnar let me know :) anyway i love your blog and love to follow it.

merideth said...

oh i love kelly and ryan... kelly looks soooo gorgeous. and that chocolate cake recipe you posted the other day... i made it and it. was. so. good. seriously had my head spinning.
and now with the ganache whipped cream on top. oh wow.
i am not a die hard fan of glee but i do like it. and i can't stop thinking about that bathroom scene. it was amazing.

have a good weekend.

summer said...

woohoooo! new pomplamoose! and oh my GOODNESS, that running video is awesome and amazing. i loved it. thank you miss sheena!

ps. your kids are cuties.

Jalene said...

yes! i love glee.

and does rachel look way skinnier to you??

my favorite line was from brittney, "stop the violence."

and i will email you about couple photos. you pretty much are my favorite photographer. i love love your photos.

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Love chocolate. Love Glee. I sort of felt the same about the season premiere. Hope it just keeps getting better!

Anna said...

Watched that running video and had tears streaming down my cheeks (marathon running makes me weepy) and now I'm strapping on my running shoes. The Twin Cities Marathon is next weekend in our city and this had got me pumped up to go out and support the runners.

Tara said...

Do you know how much I love that you love baking? And that you love to share? Those cupcakes were divine. They were really rich but they just melted in your mouth. Yummy, I want another one. Thanks for sharing the recipe, I'm totally putting it in my recipe binder!

shutterbean said...

thank god for gleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

i've been wanting to try that carrot brand! Target here I come! said...

ok, first off, i think my son enjoyed the new pomplamoose video even more than i did. those animals are far out.

i am super interested to try the carrot chapstick. thanks for the intro.

and i think my favorite part of the week was your family get together costumes. seriously hilarious and amazing!

Heather said...

Love chocolate! Thanks for that recipe. Love Yes to Carrots line, I have the Yes to Cucumbers face lotion and it's awesome. I need to try the chapstick. My sister is still trying to get me to watch Glee, so maybe I'll give it a try :) Awesome video! Thanks for sharing!

Teachinfourth said...

Wonderful photo of the kids reading! I also loved the photos of the cupcakes; it's making me crave cake...

Lula. said...

I need help running.
And Glee? Chocolate cupcakes. And J reading to L. I love it all.

Thanks [again] for sharing.