Tuesday, September 21, 2010

dear september,



Here we are again.

It's the same every year......just as you're about to leave us.....I decide that maaaaaybe you are ok.

It's not that I don't like you, so I'm truly sorry to be rude upon your arrival.

It's just that I'm always enjoying summer so very much, and then YOU show up (uninvited) (and too early), and remind me that my summer fun is about to end.

I find it funny how everything changes so quickly once you are here, and I can't ignore you for long.

Windows are left open, breezes are felt.

And not hot, summer breezes.....but breezes that fly through the hot, still-summer air, with just a teesny little feel about them that's different....

...it's a feel of fall.

The garden is winding down. The tomato plants are heavy.

Bending over and reaching out to each other as if to say farewell.

I feel the need to bake.

Cookies. Cakes. Pies. I don't even like pie!

The evenings are cool. The mornings, cooler.

We wear our favorite hoodies....we love hoodies.

During the day, the sun shines. Bright. Hot.

But he's tired, and leaves us with long shadows, a bit quicker each day.

I sigh as I put away our swimsuits.

Kiss the freckles on their summery skin.

Thank our giant green tree for it's lovely cool shade all summer.

And I open a window......

....breathe....it smells like fall.

I see the colors changing on the mountain, and imagine the kids playing in the leaves that will soon be falling from our giant green (soon to be gold) tree.

And then we'll make donuts. And sip cocoa.

And wear our matching turtlenecks.....ok, just seeing if you're still paying attention.

So September.....I guess you're ok.

Just promise to tell October and November to be gentle on us summer lovers....ok?

sincerely yours,
me (aka, summer lover)


Lisa said...

I love this!!!

Ang said...

agreed. :)

Amanda said...

I agree with you immensely. When September was beginning I just didn't want it to be here. I don't think I've ever felt such strong disdain for fall as I did this year. Now I'm getting used to it, but earlier...I was feeling everything you wrote. Thanks!

Lauren Pressey said...

Suddenly very much appreciating September. :)

summer said...


Kelly said...

I just randomly ended up perusing your blog and your written words and photo communicate your character. You are wise and tasteful beyond your young years.. Sorry, but I have to say this... your love of life, your mate, your babes, cooking, photography, have near brought me to tears with your heartfelt words and wit... and those tips on "taking care to the body" got me back to the gym today... That's alot to get from a random click on a blog (I've been checking in for 2 weeks now for inspiration). Wish you lived nearer (I am from Philly) because with my niece and good friend with upcoming weddings I would refer you to photograph with great praise. You got living right! What a joyful, delight your blog is. Your pix are fabulous. Thanks, Kelly

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Beautifully written. I love summer too, but am a big fan of fall. The golden sunlight, the falling leaves, the leggings with skirts and scarves... I just can't get enough. I do miss the lovely, lazy days of summer vacation though!

PS: I love that blog header. The Little House is one of my favourite ever picture books...

Teachinfourth said...


I'm glad to know that we'll get another visit from September next year.