Thursday, July 14, 2011

among giants

I feel a little ache in my heart as I post this......
going through these photos makes me want to go back. 
I have never been anywhere like this in my life--
and to be there with just my little family was absolute perfection. 

We spent the entire day exploring.
I was so proud of my Littles--their little legs carried them over five miles in one day. 
up hills.
down hills.
through, across, in streams.
over and under fallen trees.

It's quiet out there. 
but still.

You would think, 
that after being out there all day,
you'd start to get used to it. 

but no.

we were constantly amazed,
over and over and over,
at how grand
everything was.
We never grew tired of it.

There was just something about it....
....something that couldn't be captured by any piece of modern day gadgetry.
A feeling.
We took a bit with us as we left. 
and I can't wait to go back and experience it again.
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photos taken on Lady Bird Trail in Redwood National Park, Lost Man Creek Trail in Redwood National Park, Fern Canyon in Redwoods State Park, and Humbolt Redwoods State Park

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Ta said...

This is a beautiful post. What great photos. And nice Banana slug! They numb your mouth

Rach H @ FamilyEverAfter said...

Ah... I have been to the Redwoods so many times, my mom's family is all from Humboldt county and I miss it so much. You did an incredible job with your photography. It's not easy (for me) to get such amazing photos as you did with all the shadows and tricky lighting. Great job!

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful trees! We were lucky enough to visit the redwoods when we visited my husband's sister in Mckinleyville. I would love to just spend a week nestled in the woods with our son and a tent!

Unknown said...

fabulous photos!! I went to the Redwoods as a kid and remember it so well!! I can't wait to go back soon :)

Brittany said...

I have always, always, always wanted to go to the Redwoods! Watch this video about the Redwoods... it gives me the best goosebumps ever time I watch it!

Anonymous said...

What a magical place!I know the feeling...I felt it last Sunday where I visited a nearby gorge. (In case you want to see, you can visit my blog. It's the last posting.)
And such professional photos!Ypu did a great job!!! They're just perfect! Make me wanna go there too!

Jecka said...

Reminds me of my trip to Yosemite!

Shay said...

WOW. Just W-O-W. My favorite is the silhouettes between the trees. Beautiful.

Lillian said...

Absolutely AWESOME!

amanda jane said...

oh my...this looks absolutely amazing. beautiful shots!

Unknown said...

your pictures make this look so magical! i went there once (back in high school when kids don't appreciate the beauty of the earth)

anyway these look amazing, what beautiful pictures you can hold onto forever!

Courtney said...

So beautiful, I love all of these pictures! So talented!

Bridget said...

so so so cool. i want to go there.

Unknown said...

absolutely stunning. It's magical there. Did you see any faire's? I want to go there someday :) I will be in the bay area in august. How far is it from there?

Anonymous said...

It's just incredible there, my Mom always says it's the first place she ever believed that fairies could be real. They have a marathon through Humboldt State Park - I ran it this past October. It's like no run you've ever had before.

(p.s. I've been silently following your blog for quite awhile, I love it!)

A Beautiful Life said...

i miss California so much...growing up there and not too far from Redwood Forest we would go there with school field trips and church groups all the time and every time it was awe-inspiring!! LOVE IT!! aaaaand miss it, sniff.

melissa said...

true that it's not possible to really capture the feeling, but you got as close as possible. atta. also true that you never get used to it. all day it's like "oh my gosh look at that tree!"

ps did you go to the sequoia park zoo in eureka? it's tiny but it has flamingos!

Ang said...

love your family feet photo! :)

Sabrina said...

Great photos! Giggling about your Keen comment. My little guy just grew out of his and I hate that they cost so much but he looks so cute in them.

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful! I just went camping at Big Basin in CA among the giant redwoods. It was amazing!

True*Lu said...

1. I can see why you wanna go back!
2. Lovin' your pink vans and thinkin' I need a pair.
3. A family that wears Keens together, stays together. ;)

Anna said...

Amazing photos! Looks like a magical place. I LOVE the photo of the fam in your Keens, so cute!

another feather said...

Those trees are so incredible! I would love to visit this forest someday

Lula. said...

I love the banana slug!
Your photos make it feel like I experienced it too! What a neat family memory.

Kelly said...

The 4th with fireworks on a quiet beach and the week "among giants" with your littles and love. Now that's livin' right! Fabulous pictures - always breathtaking, simple and moving!

Ross said...

Wow. Your photos are so lovely. So meaningful. What an awesome trip! I'd love to go there some day.

Sarah Hull said...

Simply Breathtaking!

Alex said...

Wowwww, absolutely incredible.

A Bella Life said...

These are absolutely GORGEOUS photos. I love each and every one of them. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

You took the words out of my mouth. Nature = happiness. Gorgeous photos! I'm going to link back to this in a post I've been working on about nature.

Laney Butler said...

Love all your pics! I wanted to go to Fern Canyon so bad, but we were afraid our lil car wouldn't make it up that muddy road. We did those other places though. I know what you mean about wanting to go back. Being amongst those trees was a moment in my life I will never forget. I felt God all around me. Amazing experience.

becca said...

I can't believe how gorgeous this is.

Unknown said...

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