Thursday, July 21, 2011

summer eats

Every single time we sit down to eat something--be it a snack, or backyard feast--I feel so thankful for everything that grows out of the earth and goes straight to our plates....and is then shoveled into our mouths.
(and then I wonder how we ever survive winter)

Our tomatoes are still a bit sad for the year--the spring was so cold and lasted forever, but we are fiiiinally starting to see some progress with our first teeny tiny tomatoes.

So while the plants are loaded down with green tomatoes--we are enjoying them that! 
Fried green tomatoes are soooooooooooo good, and a perfect for a simple salad. 

Pasta and Garden Veggies
favorite whole wheat pasta
baby onions
fresh basil
parmesan cheese
 while pasta is cooking sauté garlic, onions, and a few pinches of crushed red pepper in a bit of olive oil. 
Add zucchini and and sauté a few more minutes, then add chard and walnuts. 
Mix in pasta and basil and a bit more olive oil. Top with parmesan cheese.

Fried Green Tomatoes
slice tomatoes 1/4" thick
dip in a beaten egg
dip into an equal parts flour and cornmeal mixture (with a bit of garlic powder and cayenne pepper)
Lightly fry in a little olive oil until golden.
Sprinkle with a bit of salt.

Mix with greens, carrots, peas, baby onions, and a simple vinaigrette.

Fish Tacos
one of our very favorites!!

grilled corn tortillas
this time we used cod--grilled with olive oil, lime, salt and pepper
-cabbage (tossed with a little vinegar and s&p)
-fresh salsa
-Tomatillo dressing (tomatillos+sour cream+lots of cilantro+green onions+a pinch of cayenne+salt, 
all blended together)

Black Bean, Corn and Zucchini Salad
Sauté fresh corn, zucchini, jalepeno, and minced garlic in olive oil, until zucchini is tender.
Stir in black beans for a few minutes until heated through.
Remove from heat and add lime juice, lime zest, a pinch of salt, and lots of fresh chopped cilantro. 

The best thing about this dinner, is the next night you can throw all of the taco leftovers+the black bean salad leftovers into some greens and have a giant taco salad.

And while this photo is not a picture of food....I'm sure those fishing boats are catching something tasty...

trinidad harbor, trinidad california

I'd love to hear what you are eating this summer!
happy weekend!


Anonymous said...

I'm eating loooots of watermelon, peaches and apricots!

Unknown said...

Peaches by the pound, zucchini, cucumbers, and tiny cherry tomatoes. Yum! I often wonder how we survive winter eats, too!

Unknown said...

Peaches and Raspberries! They are growing everywhere! Also zucchini, always zucchini.

Unknown said...

yum :) Love VEGGIES! There is nothing better then getting your veggies from the ground and making something right away. I am a earth to table junkie.

True*Lu said...

I love how you take simple ingredients and just whip them into something delicious. Gonna make that pasta for the fam tonight!