Thursday, July 28, 2011

it makes me very happy.....

tomatoes on toast

....goat cheese, cherry tomatoes still warm from the sun, basil and cracked pepper on toast
....small town rodeos, country music, and fireworks
....camping trips, fishing, and cozy tents
....the last Harry Potter. love love loved sad it's done
....thunderstorms crazy eights, and old maid
....running as the sun is coming up over the mountain
....weekend. always, weekend.

what makes you happy?


Velvet said...

aftersun smell, strawberry milkshakes, wearing beautiful shoes, lying on my boyfriend's chest and many other things!

Katie said...

That looks delicious!
Doodling, wandering around, summer(!), tea, baths

Katie said...

New to your blog and just love it! Just about everything on your list makes me happy - these days homemade strawberry jam on crusty, warm french bread with my morning latte makes me really happy, too.

Anonymous said...

Long weekends with my hubby, new crafts to keep me entertained, iced coffee, snuggles with my newborn! And of course, summer!