Wednesday, January 9, 2013

dear january

all photos taken with my phone. most while running.

January! Welcome! 2013 here we go.
new years eve 
Dear Self,
it's your birthday month. Your BIG birthday month. 30?!! 
What?! How did that sneak up on us?

Dear Charly,
please please please never run away again. I'm so sorry the gate didn't latch. It was the worst hour (it felt like 20) of my life. I was sick. Thank you for coming back. We like you, very much.
Dear mandarins freshly picked out of a northern California grove,
you are the BEST. We can't stop eating you! I wish you'd multiply in my fridge like rabbits, because we are running out.
Dear Juicer,
you have taken over my life. I think about you non-stop and all the good things we can make together. I juiced twice today. Just talking about juice right now makes me want another.....

Dear Desert,
it's been 3 months since I've seen you. I'm coming, soon.

Dear running in snow,
hilarious! The icy packed trails are one thing, I can take it slow and make it work. But when you give me powder up to my knees--ha! I need skis! 
Dear running in California,
oh I always like you so much. 
So green and you smell so good. And farm animals are always a plus.
Dear trail on New Years Day,
boy you were pretty. more points for California in the winter.
Dear My Garmin,
I am so happy to have had you throughout 2012. 
I have loved looking back to see all the activities we did together.
Last year I ran/hiked/mountain biked(a little) over 600 miles.
Climbed 164,000 ft in elevation (so maybe I like mountains....)
What a year! Let's do even more in 2013.

Dear Les Mis!!!!!
You were everything I wanted. I want to see you again!

but Dear Russel Crowe,
at times you made me uncomfortable....(right?) But no hard feelings.

Dear My Kids,
you are really awesome at road tripping
Dear January, 
you are going to be great.

all my love/sincerely yours



in dreams said...

that last shot made me giggle!! :)

happy (early) birthday, too - i just celebrated my 30th this past december, and ohman was it ever hard to admit i'm no longer "twentysomething," haha!

eden greer said...

I love your "dear (insert month)" posts! I hope you have a great birthday! Cheers to your life *raising my cup of juice*

Laura said...

I agree -- your "dear ___" posts are super fun. :) I love your style. Keep being awesome!!!

Unknown said...

Happy 30! I just turned 30 and it felt like a liberation! I love the feeling on being over the edge.

Hayley said...

30 is good. It'll look great on you.

Unknown said...

Happy 30! I didn't know what 30 would bring...but it brought all good things...better than 20's. Glad your dog came back! Yes, Les Mis was EVERYTHING for me too. I can't wait to see it again and I might take out the 'ol wallet and purchase the DVD...that good.

Eleanor said...

You make me want to trail run too!!!

Camille said...

I turn 30 next month. I'm totally okay with that. 29 has been a million times better than 19 or even 24, so I'm pretty sure that 30 will be my best year yet. I hope it works that way for you, too.