Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dear Charly,

Today you are 1....er........oneish.

If I were the best mother in the world, I would dig out your papers and figure out exactly when your birthday is....but I guess I am not the best mother...

but let's face it, you haven't exactly been the best puppy, have you....

If I recall correctly, you have eaten:
-the siding off the garage
-every chew toy I have ever given you
-the cable for our tv (which you first yanked out of the house from the outside)
-the toggle off my boot
-scented candles
-various toys/balls/helpless stuffed animals
-the pickets off the backyard fence
-a half loaf of this bread
-a pound of really good thinly sliced turkey breast
-according to evidence I'm finding in the yard, an assortment of crayons
-the underneath of our bar-b-que
-one giant bush
-the insulation and wiring on the ac unit

.....you've made yourself a pretty good list.


The kids love you.
"Charly, come protect us from the hornets!!", they say.
I've started to whip you into shape so you can run with me--you're at two miles and not hating the leash so much....I can't wait until we can go further!
You have pulled Robby around the entire neighborhood on his long board and I know that both of you have loved every second.

So here is to a better second year. A MUCH better year....what do you say?

You watch what you eat, and I promise to stop saying
"we should have got a cat".



Cami said...

Congrats on making it a year! Our dog had the same list and once she got hold of the inflatable bounce house I said see ya later!

Annie said...

Yesterday was my pug, Stanley, 2nd birthday! Are they worth it? .... most days ....I cried when he ate all...ALL...all of my church shoes. Yeah. For some reason, the only thing he chewed on when he was a puppy was shoes. Gasp!

Shannon said...

Hooray for a year! Hopefully it will only get better. You are a better woman than me dealing with all that chewing/eating. Our puppy, Sammy, only lasted 6 weeks before I was ripping my hair out and found her a new owner. :)

mommyholly said...

Do we HAVE the same dog??? Our dog Cooper eats EVERYTHING. But he has such a swet little face that we are forced to forgive him each and every time :)
xoxox Holly

summer said...

this almost made me cry.
charly looks a lot like my yellow lab.
she died last week.

her list was long too, but we loved her more than anything.

Amie said...

Puppy! Well, technically now he is a 7 year old and from the sounds of all the chaos he has created it seems about right.

Abbey cat is turning 2 in a few months...I don't know if that means she is almost 14 but she's been a big pain in the butt lately. My parents' dogs are just turning 9...I can't believe it! It seems like we just got them. Time sure does fly.

Miriam Herm said...

congratulations. i'm impressed you stuck with it because that sounds like an awful year. but maybe i'm not much of a dog person (i suspect that i'm not and that i just got lucky with the dog i have)

here's to year two!

Moody Family said...

Your list, I mean Charly's list, made me die. That was the funniest thing I have read in a long time. I know I shouldn't laugh but as the list went on it reminded me so much of our dog growing up. Love it!

Anonymous said...

ahww! my puppy (cocker) turns "oneish" around now and has so much in common with that list. his favorite is still my herb garden tho =( we're making it a double celebration on the 24th when my other boy (lab) turns 8. happy birthday charly! <3
here's my boys in case you decide upon a looksee =) http://picasaweb.google.com/kranthi.vemulapati/Randomness#

gram said...

Happy Birthday, Charly!.. from GG

the beastmaster said...

If you ever need a puppy sitter Jana, Buddy and I would be more than happy to look after Charly.....