Wednesday, April 14, 2010

kind of a ghost story, but mostly just looking at a cool old house

please excuse the photos....they are taken through glass....

While in Old Town San Diego, we decided to tour the Historical Whaley House.

Reason 1: it's haunted. I'm not sure if it's haunted, or "haunted", but it's been on Ghost Hunters and everything! Still not sure if I believe it (would you?), but they had story after story to back it up.
Reason 2: I love museums. It's true. As kids, every vacation we took we always ended up in some type of museum--they are my dad's favorite place. I guess that it kind of rubbed off on me.
Reason 3: Old House. I love old houses! I love old things! I had to see it.

So mostly I was there for the old house part, and if we saw a ghost or two....bonus!

I LOVED the house.

How cute is this kitchen?? AMAZING!!
I loved the simplicity of every room. There wasn't stuff crammed everywhere. Now I realize that no one actually LIVES here (except for the alleged ghosts), but I really do believe that we all live so spoiled and have WAY too much stuff.
Although I will say that I am not a fan of the giant portraits in every room. The adults always looked ok, but the children looked like tiny men with wigs and children's clothing on.

So that was that. We spent a good amount of time in there--pretending it was our house, and I was wishing I could take, I mean buy, a few souvenirs. We might have laughed a little bit at the "ghosts", and Robby may or may not have wanted to take some long exposure photos of himself writing scary ghost messages with his phone.

So we left, with a dream of an 1860s home, and still not believing in ghosts.

That is, until.....

dun dun DUN!!!
We snapped this picture on the beach and it appears that a ghost made it's way into our photo and has taken over Robby's body. And what is that mysterious orb in the upper left corner????

Are you afraid?? Do ghost stories scare you?? Do you think we are cursed?


Annie said...

We went there a few years ago. I was afraid that ghosts were going to follow me home! Do ghost stories scare me? YES. I don't know if the Whaley House is legit, but the whole ghost thing freaks me out.

Anonymous said...

Love that kitchen! :)
I'll admit, certain ghostly stuff does give me the shivers.

Hope said...

I like this post. That house is beautiful!

Having grown up in a house with ghosts, I am a TOTAL believer, without a doubt. I don't really believe we are cursed, but feeling like there is always someone (or something) else there is a little creepy! Fingers crossed that we stay on their goodside! :)

Amie said...

I've been to this place, but it was back when I was in High School (way back when, I grew up in Oceanside). I was so freaked out. And I'm scared of the dark and everyone was making fun of me...ack!

Don't remember much about the bones of the house itself, but it sure looks cute here!

kirsten and josh said...

crazy! i am a bit nervous for you! :D If you ever come to San Francisco, let me know... my husband works at the Walt Disney Family Museum and we can get you tickets for you and your cute family! (I am friends with Tiffani Morgan... that is how I found you!) We love museums so much too!
- Kirsten S

Morgan said...

I LOVE old houses. The older, the better. That's what I say. I'm in love with that house.

That picture of the two of you is seriously so precious.

Natalie said...

Ghosts or no ghosts, old houses scare me! I don't know why - - too much history or something... I always wonder how m any people have died there and under what circumstances.

I LOLd at Robby taking ghostly pics with his phone! You guys are a match made in heaven!