Friday, April 30, 2010

friday love

This week somehow slipped away so quickly.....and I am ok with it....enough with this snow already!! But there were still so many things to love.... sleeping in this morning! Because....why not. Although we weren't really sleeping--all four of us in one bed until 8:00, with eyes being poked and hair being pulled.....but 8:00!!
I'll still take it.

You know I love a simple recipe!
Roasted New Potatoes
toss new potatoes with:
-5-6 cloves of garlic
-olive oil
-coarse salt and cracked pepper

roast at 425° for 40-50 minutes

when they come out of the oven:
-drizzle with a bit more olive oil
-add a handful of chopped basil
-throw in a handful of grated parmesan cheese
toss, and enjoy!

I LOVE to take pictures of people!! In a few weeks we are headed to the Sacramento area, and I would love to take pictures of YOU!!
I have ONE slot left for a couples session Saturday May 22 (in the morning!)
Email me sheenajibsonphotography at gmail for package info!

Speaking of photos.....I am in love with this session by Jose Villa. Isn't it the cutest thing you have ever seen??!! Don't you want to be them?? See the rest of the session HERE

I LOVE Giada!!! And I am drooling over her new line at Target! Have you seen it??

I love open shelving (see more awesome ideas here)
I was so inspired by these I think we are going to be adding some new shelves to our teeny tiny kitchen soon (yay!)....if it could only please stop raining so I could get out and paint!

If you have been following my blogs for a while, then you have already seen this, but we have been listening to the song this week so I thought I'd share the video again too!

Last month I introduced you to our little team, Iris and Light. We offer up photos + videos....and it is so much fun!! Last March (2009) we got together to share ideas and...well....basically play. This is what happened when we got together. This is our first film ever--we shoved as many "props" as we could into our car, made a quick thrift store stop for random supplies, and headed out to the (freeeeeezing!) Salt Flats!

And a few weeks back when we were down in California, we did another film--which will be coming to monitors near you soon.... and I am SOOOO excited to share it with you!! (I'll let you know the very second it comes out!). no pressure ryan, but now you have people waiting:)

So here you go--to prep you for our next film coming soon. The song is "You make me like it" by the 1990s, and it is will see.

Happy Weekend!!!

What did YOU love about this week?


Shannon said...

I still love that video as much as I did when I first saw it. It's so fun, bright, and carefree. It makes me want your life. ;)

I too am sick of the snow. Boo.

This week I loved sneaking in another trip to the Tulip Festival before the snow set in.

I also loved hitting up the library zoo show with the kiddos yesterday. So many cool animals! Hope you have a great weekend!

Jill K said...

Holy crap I love that video.

geetabean said...

That video was adorable!

Morgan said...

Oh my goodness, I loved those pictures on Jose's blog! He is so talented, and I swear, those two make the most adorable couple ever.

The film was absolutely fantastic. You're so cute.

stef j. said...

oh gosh that vid was just delicious!

Unknown said...

Holy smokes what a great video. The yellow rocking chair, the white umbrella, the empty picture frame. Very very cool and very very clever. Sigh. Smile. :)

Jenny said...

Love the video!

It has been an awesome week. It was my birthday!!!

summer said...

potatoes: yum.
giada: thank you for the heads up!
video: awesome. like a musical, it makes me want to be in it too.

Emily Voigtlander said...

Awesome post! The video was grand! The photos of Mary and Leo are beautiful! And I totally agree about open shelving!

Anonymous said...

Your video is awesome! Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

you're coming to Sac! No way....that's where we live. Are you from here...have family? We live in East Sac :) If I wasn't 9 months pregnant (my due date is May 30th) I would have totally hired you to photograph my husband and I! Fun!!

banananutmeg said...

it rains every. saturday. here. for months. We've had like ONE sunny, rain-free saturday in the last 5 months. I have projects to do, people! Mother Nature is killing me. Thank goodness for all the pretty green everything and the flowers, or I might not forgive her.

I too, want open shelves in my dining area....I have a lot (too many) dishes that I want to look at!

I want to see your garage shelves. I'm thinking of building some in our garage, and would feel better about just overloading them with crap if I could see your shelves in the same condition.

Sydney Kania said...

I've got a few potatoes in my apartment that are just dying to be roasted like that!

Jalene said...

sweet video. the salt flats are a BLAST! i'm surprised it's so cold out there. i went there in january (2009) and it was a bright sunny day and didn't need a coat.

Kristie said...

Ok, is it just me but does Giada's head look completely out of proportion to her body? It's almost like her head has been copied and pasted onto that body.