Tuesday, April 6, 2010

the weekend, part two: the party

A party for a 5 year old:

-lots of balloons
-party hats
-a number "5" shirt

Party where HE wants to party: the bowling alley (2nd year in a row!)
Eat where HE wants to eat : Cafe Rio (score! kids quesadillas are FREE!)

Make whatever cake he wants: R2D2

I used THIS cake recipe,(found via Cara) and give it two thumbs up!

For R2D2:
-bake your cake in one rectangle pan, and one round
-slice round in half
-frost together
-roll out blue fondant (I just bought it at the party store, and we didn't eat it....I think it's nasty)
-cut out R2D2 shapes off of five year olds drawings because you have never seen Star Wars and are still confused.
-hope that said five year old likes it because he has watched Ace of Cakes, and this was far from Duff's work.

End day with a very happy 5 year old.


summer said...

this sounds awesome.
love your cute r2d2! way to go!

Natalie said...

I hate fondant too! Why does anyone think this is acceptable as a cake topping?!?! Beyond me.

Your R2D2 turned out super cute! I love that he had his say all day. And what a smarty pants to choose Cafe Rio and bowling....I think I would've done the same!!

Anonymous said...

that is too adorable. what a happy day! great job on the cake :]

Ashley Arnold said...

What a genius idea! R2D2 is my nephew's favorite... such a cute idea!

sarah nicole said...

This is all soooo cute! What a great mom you are! He will remember this forever.