Friday, April 2, 2010


I am so excited for this weekend!!

-my baby boy is turning 5....FIVE!!!! how??!
-my parents are coming!
-sister is coming! (we'll miss you brother)
-we get to spend time together and watch our church's General Conference
-cake AND cupcakes!
-(and I'm doing it all PICC line free!!!)

I love this message, and hope that you can take a break from your crunchy yellow-eyed easter bunnies this weekend, and remember why we celebrate Easter!

Happy Easter!


Maureen Cracknell Handmade said...

Happy Easter to you!

Nicole said...

i appreciate you adding the "Christ" to easter. it is forgotten too much. happy easter to you.

Jennifer said...

I just found your blog today and have plans to make your chocolate/almond/coconut cake on Easter Sunday. I was so happy when I got my PICC line out when I was far enough along with the babe, what a great day that was. Congrats to you!

banananutmeg said...

get ready for it.
I totally thought I would wake up on Reese's 5th birthday and suddenly know everything. Remember when he was a baby, and looking at moms with 5 yr olds and thinking 1)"wow, they are like, old" (sad, right? we are THEM now!) and 2)"mom's with 5 yr olds are like REAL moms, with all the answers and stuff. THOSE GUYS know what they're doing." Guess what? It's a trick. Reese is 5 1/2 and I still don't have friggin' clue. And she's still growing! No fair at all. You, me, the kids, the men...time warp. whaddya say? But let's wait until after the weekend because Q has a fever and I don't want her frozen forever that way. Plus, I want cake on Sunday.
Gasp! A time warp without cake! How sad would that be?

Unknown said...

What?!? Is this THE Sheena?

The coolest blog I've been enjoying for a long time, Sheena?
The yummy healthy recipes, Sheena?
The beautiful photography, Sheena?
The cute little photoshop captions on pictures, Sheena?
The awesome table, Sheena?

Excuse me for my freak out when I found your comment on my blog. I just think you are fab, and it was kinda like meeting you when I found out you met my blog. :)

I found you through Hillary too, and I'm happy to share all I know about fondant with you... which will take about 3 sentences. I will email some links I found helpful in the learning process, soon. I just have to re-find them.

{Happy Easter, the video link is so great}

lorelie said...

You're a gem.
Sounds like you are going to have the perfect weekend! Don't forget to sport your new skirt for the fam to see =]

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Happy Easter to you and what a great picture...Enjoying a Saturday afternoon of blog hopping and all the Easter posts.

Hope you will stop by and leave a comment....On Sunday night I will be drawing for

Unknown said...

Hey Sheena,

It's me again. I didn't see an email address, so I will give you my fondant info here...

First, I watched a few videos on YouTube to get an idea of things. Here are two that I found helpful:

So then I bought some fondant. I have read plenty of things on how to make your own, but I thought I should work with the real stuff first, so I can't mess up any recipes. I tried the Satin Ice brand and the Wilton brand. I thought the first one tasted a tiny bit better, but they were both very easy to work with. I knew you had to work fairly quickly as a rule. I tinted it with gel food coloring by kneading it in, trying not to get too many bubbles. So then, I rolled it out with enough cornstarch, so as not to stick, but not too much that it is visible on the finished product. Then I put it on the cake and it went on really well. (I had iced with buttercream first). I did buy a fondant smoothing tool which really helped on the cake, but I did not use it for the cupcakes. There was one tiny crack that I smoothed out with a little bit of crisco. For the cupcakes, I just rolled it out, cut a circle the right size, and placed it on top.

I hope this helps....

Happy cake making and fondant rolling.

chasity said...

happy easter to you.
your blog is great.

Leslie said...

wow, not sure how I found your blog tonight, but loves it! musta been density... :) happy spring!