Monday, April 19, 2010

over the weekend....

....we ate.

and ate.
and ate.
did a little thrifting.
and ate some more.

it was wonderful.

Just days after we left the Southwell home, they couldn't handle life without us, and came up to play for another weekend!

Places you simply must check out (soon!)
Rooster in Provo (thanks brutschs:)
these cookies + coconut

and last, but certainly not least, Caputos Market and Deli in downtown Salt Lake.

I don't even know where to start.
Maybe with the fact that we spent around two hours there....eating lunch, browsing, sampling--oh and learning about the differences in cocoa beans around the world....I LOVED it!!

We got to sample a few different bars--I ended up bringing home this one.
oh cheese.
cocoa powders, olive oils, vinegars.......we learned about, and sampled everything!
Tony Caputo, whoever you are, I love you.
314 W 300 S
Salt Lake City


Jenny said...

My girls would love this store. I am putting on our summer to do list.
Such a cute blog. I love your header, it is from my favorite book!

Anonymous said...

yum, those cheeses look so good! this little pocket of salt lake looks just like the ferry building in san francisco!

kelly said...

oh , when can we go back!?