Friday, February 25, 2011

friday senses

....a little look at the past week...

...dollhouseonion copy...

Making: A mess. I am having that get-rid-of-everything-spring-cleaning/purging feeling but I don't really have the time to fully execute it yet. So I'm just pulling stuff out of closets and making piles all around the house. Awesome, huh? Anyone have any awesome spring cleaning tips?
Laughing at: Modern Family!
Seeing: Quails everywhere....I can't wait for those little babies to come!
Hearing: Non stop whistling from the boy....he picked it up a few weeks ago and his song of choice is the Star Warms theme song. Aaaaaaaalllllll day long. 
Smelling: Charly. Not good.
Tasting: Whitney's brussel sprouts. You guys this book is going to be sooooo good.
Feeling: Ready for the weekend.
Reading: Friendly Village. I love to collect vintage children's books, and now that my kids are older we have so much fun reading them. The kids love them, and I am laughing (and jealous) at how simple life is in these stories. And they can get pretty politically incorrect, which makes them all the better!
Wishing: That people lived closer. Seriously why does everyone I know and love live so far away?
Loving: Robby is officially done with 3 blocks of school.....HOORAY!! Now to just get through the next 6.....
Craving: Fresh spring veggies. and strawberries.....oooohhhh strawberries. Hurry up guys.
Anticipating: I'll be seeing my Dr. soon! I'm excited/nervous/sweaty/anxious/ready.

feel free to play along in the comments!

Happy Weekend!


A Place to Reside said...

Anticipating: Visiting my new nephew this weekend.

Wishing: That I could visit him and his family every weekend!

Kaitlyn Luce said...

We have strawberries in Florida. It's a beautiful thing, and they just taste so yummy. I hope you get to enjoy soon!

denise said...

enjoying: your photos
anticipating: whitney's brussel sprout recipe, do share!
love your blog!

Unknown said...

modern family is the best.

good luck with your dr appointment!! whatever happens its in the plan.

so ready for this book! said...

adorable. love the crayon photo! hoping your dr. visit goes well!

Rachael said...

Love your photos! Especially the black and white ones.
The crayons, were they spread out like that naturally, or did you carefully arrange them for the photo? ;) Kidding. The messier it looks, the better!

jacs23 said...

love love LOVE this idea, linked you into a copy of it, hope you don't mind..and thanks for all of your creativity and words...your blog is great! :) xoxo ><>

Teachinfourth said...

This was an awesome little peek into yesterday...

The photos were the way to do it!

banananutmeg said...

eating: more mexican food!
feeling: the burn after saturday's looooooong run.
smelling: a poopy diaper (not mine. the baby guy's. to clarify)
missing: relief society.
returning: the swimsuit I bought online that does. not. fit. waaah!
buying: a cuter, larger swimsuit
searching: for those dang girl scouts. Aren't they supposed to camp? My front yard is available. That would be the best. I would charge them in cookies.