Friday, February 11, 2011

friday senses

this post was inspired by Abby, and her pretty five senses friday posts. 


because I have a habit of talking too much....I added a few more senses from my week....

Seeing: sunshine--in every window. snow, and melting snow.
Hearing: birds. they're singing again! The Neon Trees Pandora station is my new happy place.
Smelling: It rained a bit....and afterwards it smelled just like spring. yum.
Tasting: Fresh bread. jam....the last jar of homemade peach. I thought that a batch each of blackberry, strawberry, and peach would keep us through winter.....nope. darn. Tazo Wild Sweet Orange herbal tea.
Feeling: Sore after Thursday yoga. That class is HARD. but awesome. but hard.
Reading: The Improvisational Cook by Sally Schneider.....this book is awesome! Full of recipes/techniques/tips and tricks....and beautiful photos as well.
Loving: my three Valentines.
Anticipating: No school Monday...hooray!
Making: I need to find a special treat to make this weekend.....any ideas?
Wishing: for a warm vacation. asap.

feel free to play along in the comments:)

happy weekend!

don't forget to enter the Au Chocolat giveaway-it ends tonight!


Lesley said...

love this.
i did one today, too!

banananutmeg said...

bakerella has these chocolate chip cupcakes, with cookie dough in the middle and a yummy cookie frosting...

whitneyingram said...

At this very moment:

Seeing: My three littles in their pajamas eating breakfast, playing with toys and coloring. Wish we didn't have school this morning!

Hearing: The garbage truck making it's rounds.

Smelling: Febreeze. Because Van filled his drawers not long ago.

Tasting: Bear River Valley Honey Graham Trackers cereal and OJ.

Feeling: Revved up for a day of having a sick baby. I am going to rock this day.

Reading: Your blog!

Loving: The forecasted sunshine today.

Anticipating: A solo trip to Target today for Valentines goods for my family.

Making: Banana bread.

Wishing: A healthy baby.

Emily Voigtlander said...

pain au chocolate bread pudding!

Chelsea said...

love your blog! refreshing and inspiring :)

Moments and Impressions said...

great pandora station! thanks

abi porter said...

i LOOOVE that tazo tea. i just ran out..

Unknown said...

i love that you actually like when your kids have days off school...maybe it's just because i don't have kids yet and i don't understand, but i always get a little sad when moms complain about holidays/snow days because their kids are home. i'll have to check out that pandora station.

Unknown said...

Just adore the window and bread photo. Just thought you should know. :) Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

i love your darling blog! and i love this post. i did one too.

Elise said...

This is so fun! I posted it on my blog!

Txstraub said...

Just made this for cooking club dessert swap last night.

Not my link, but it has the recipe

(I made homemade whipped cream instead of the "tub" stuff.)

Link to my photo:

Mrs. Wonder said...

Seeing- my son play a nd a Baby Einstein signs DVSD playing (he's so proud to know some!)
Hearing- Row row row the boat onnhis toy piano. Again.
Smelling- not much, geting over a cold.
Tasting- the last of my Starbucks latte. The local coffee shops do a WAY better job.
Feeling- better
Reading- blogs And Cleopatra A Life
Loving- my peaceful day
Anticipating- our playdate tomorrow with little friends
Making- madelines later on but dinner first!
Wishing- for quicker weight loss because some of the spring clothes are fabulous!

Bianca said...

oh, so soft and pretty! love this idea.