Monday, February 21, 2011

happy monday!

Hope you are enjoying your day off....maybe doing something....presidential-y..?
Little George Washington paper doll
slightly disturbing image found here

just a quick thought: 

I couldn't believe (and I was so excited!), at the response to last week's running post! I thought you'd all be bored to death. We'll do a part two this week, so if you'd like to leave a running related question in the comments here, I'll try my best to answer them on this week's post.

see you soon!


banananutmeg said...

sheena, how long is the shabby apple 10% code good for?

sheena said...

they never gave me an end date.....maybe....forever??

summer said...

i am super pumped for part two.

i'd love to hear more about anything and everything running! when/where/how you like to do it, your favorite things to wear, your favorite running song. also, i've always struggled with eating and drinking enough beforehand.. then i have to work through a big side ache the whole first half of my run. any advice?

Kaitlyn Luce said...

I have three runs penned into my planner this week. It's going to happen and darn it! I'm going to love it.

tanalicious said...

blerrrrr.. i hate running. i totally cannot bring myself to do it in the winter. its snowy/slushy/wet/cold/all sorts of ick.. (and i dont have a gym pass or treadmill)

anywho.. springtime cometh and i will resume.

question: will you list some of your good running playlist/music? i'm in need of some good new stuff.

melissa said...

that image cracks me up. at least we know what is to blame for washington's separated limbs.

hm, and what do you do with your kids while you run? or what did you do when they were smaller and more babylike?

Rachael said...

I didn't even know it was president's day today until my sister told me!
How American am I?!

cup named grace said...

i have run since i was 22...i am now 47 so that is more than half my life. countless miles and a time to chat with God about what is going well and what isn't. three children later and i still run. it defines who i am in all of the mothering-laundry-shopping-cooking-cleaning. my oldest, a 21 year old daughter runs too. we dream of ragnar-but are planning her wedding instead. you inspire! and i would love to know more about husband has it and we can't seem to shake it. antibiotics and a picc-line make me a nure as well!

A Beautiful Life said...

my hubby hated running, but over the past year he does it, without fail everyday 3miles. he says you get to the point where you feel weird if you DON'T run, he has to do it, likes to do it now even.
my sister-in-law signed me up for a half-marathon in August, but i'm still scared to death that it's not enough time! i'm sooooooooooooooooooo slow and right now i can only run on the treadmill, bleh. But I got a training schedule and i figure i have enough time to repeat the first few weeks if need be to get my body used to it.
here's a personal question for ya, if i sprint or even run a little faster than a snail's pace, my innards hurt later on in the day or the next day and i may or may not pee a little. does this ever go away??? hahahaha.
i'm laughing to keep from crying. ;p

Emily said...

Ok this is a follow up comment from the girl who never runs more than 3 miles straight - your idea that the first three are the hardest really resonated with me, so this morning, I was like, I'm going to get past the three hump - and I ran 5 miles!

Thank you! I cannot wait for running post number 2.

Katie said...

how do you run in the cold?!

Hannah Mayo said...

I asked in my comment on the running post, but since you asked here--
How do you avoid or work through side cramps? I get very sharp pain in my side when I run, and while I've tried working through it, it doesn't let up.
Also, what is the best way to learn to breathe correctly?
Hmm maybe those two are related...?

Unknown said...

Hey sheena. I RAN! :) ok. I thought I was a decently in shape individual, I'm a college kid down at byu.
But man alive!! I only ran for like 15 minutes and thought I was gonna keel over with pain! Is it supposed to feel like I'm having Period cramps? I almost threw up and just had to lay down on some grass.

I'm gonna keep trying. But all this pain! wow.

anyways. thanks for giving me the goal tho.

Unknown said...

I'm trying to get a little bit faster--do you have any tips for this? What is your marathon time? Half marathon time? thanks!