Wednesday, February 9, 2011

winter wednesday

I have really great news to report this week.

The end is near. 

Well....not super near......but it's coming, I can feel it.

Winter Survival Tip #6:
 look for signs of spring 
(=death of winter)

Now depending on where you live, your signs of spring will be different (sorry sister who lives on a mountain top)....but no matter where you are, if you look  you'll be sure to notice something. 

Today we saw this:
it'sstarting copy

We celebrated. 
Tulips and daffodils just barely waking up from their winter nap. 
It will be weeks and weeks before they're ready to bloom, but the fact that they're here is enough for me.

The days are getting longer.
It is such a good feeling to be making dinner with the sun still light in the sky.

And can we talk about the sun?

It was so bright and warm today. 

It came through every window to thaw out our frozen little house, 
and we soaked up as much as we could.

thanks sun.
kidscolor copy

have you seen any signs of spring?

happy wintering!


Sara said...

Yes, yes, yes!! There are *4" tall* daffodil shoots under the front windows. I cringe for them in this 19 degree weather, but they are HERE!

Kaitlyn Luce said...

Yes! All of our flowers are blooming now. It's really exciting. Although, I live in Florida, so I guess that's not fair.

Megan said...

This morning it was one degree when I left my apartment but the birds were chirping!

kim west said...

i planted tulips last year..that my son so politely dug up and brought to me...I think he thought it was like a our signs of spring will be a little less pretty this year!

Lesley said...

everything is white here in missouri. i spotted a little sign of spring while in the backyard today, though. i'm so ready!

Prerna said...

There's snow and only snow all around here! No sign of spring what so ever but how I wish thr was :-(

Lula. said...

I noticed my daffodils the other day too and ran in like a child on Christmas morning to call Ben and tell him about the wonderful news. It can't get here too soon.

Ірина said...

Yes, the air smells like the sea here...

Corinne said...

Definitely no signs of spring here in Southern Alberta yet. We're still trying to dig out from our 4th significant dump of snow of the year, and there's surely more to come! But the sun has been high and bright here too, thank goodness! And now I can drive to and from work in the light, instead of the pitch blackness like December. Small mercies, right?

abi porter said...

you should do a house tour post. your home looks super cute!

Bianca said...

we just moved to the sacramento area and i saw a tree in full bloom. it was awesome!! i've never seen such a thing in february in all my life. you're familiar with the area, aren't you? do you have any great ideas/places that i must know about?