Sunday, July 31, 2011

opportunity knocks

We can't seem to stop....
.....forgoing responsibility and real life mundaneness, in exchange for family play.

Our kids are perfect ages to do just about anything right now. 
And while we still have a few more precious weeks of summer break, 
we are taking advantage of that. 
Any opportunity to do something together--we take it.

You see, not to brag (but really, I'm about to brag), our kids are pretty awesome.
(Whoa! I didn't even try to be a little bit humble!)
They are up for anything we put in front of them, and attack it with full energy,
curiosity, and exactly one billion questions.

This weekend we set out on a 5 mile hike. 
Five. Miles. 
Up 3, down 2. 
About 1000ft elevation gain.
As long as I'm throwing numbers at you--my children are 4 and 6 years old,
 and neither stand much taller than 3 feet something inches--that makes for tiny little legs.
Five miles seemed like alot, so we knew we'd take it a little at a time--if we didn't make it, oh well.

So Saturday afternoon, 
we left the dishes in the sink, 
the dirty clothes piled up, 
and set out for our adventure. 
Chores could wait......this, most definitely, could not.

We had drinks, snacks, and Charly--all we needed,
and headed up through the aspens and wild flowers.
And they just kept climbing. 
And climbing and climbing.

Up they went, and at last we made it to the lake.
We sat and ate our snack together, and I couldn't help but think how valuable 
this little moment was.

can you see them? 1, 2, 3, and charly in the lead
hike5 copyhike15 copyhike14 copyhike2 copyhike11 copyhike3 copyhike13 copyhike12 copyhike7 copyhike9 copyhike4 copyme&lu copyhike6 copyhike10hike1 copy
all photos taken on Big and Little Water Trails, and at Dog Lake, UT.

While my house is nowhere near sparkling clean,
the weeds might be a little bit tall,
my laundry room looks like a hoarders paradise,
(should I keep going?)
my bed sometimes forgets to make itself (oh, wait, beds can't make themselves?)
I have a coffee table, a dresser, and a chair waiting to be painted.... children are not going to grow up and remember ANY of these things. 

So instead of making those things my focus,
any opportunity we get 
to play with them 
and teach them 
and help them to experience something new, 
We will take it.

Responsibility can wait.


Kari said...

You are the smartest mother ever.

Allison said...

I love this... it is exactly what I need to hear. It's easy to get caught up with chores and forget that kids are small and just need time to play :)

Lula. said...

You guys are so fun.
Your hair is getting so long.
And thank you for the reminder to slow down and enjoy life-- you are so good at that, I'm convinced, among the very best of mothers.

kylee said...

you've convinced me. i'm hiking that this week.

Unknown said...

your kids are awesome. cant wait until my little one can hike that far being almost two-even though i am sure she would try! kids are the best, and you are very right about cherishing these moments.

Katie said...

These pictures are so beautiful and I love the message you are sending, responsibility can definitely wait!

banananutmeg said...

oooh love it! And your kids ARE rad...mine would not have made it...well Corbin might have, that kid has endless energy. But my girls? The girls that I try desperately to get interested in tools and dirt and good food and all other things that are awesome? I can't say we would have made it.

Responsibility? What's that? We ate cheesecake for breakfast.

Anonymous said...

You are such a fun mom!
You have every reason to brag about your kiddies. That hike is HARD!

Anonymous said...

Children are amazing. Our son, he's five, is constantly pushing us to hike further. We completed a five mile as well recently, him with his little REI pack on. BTW, you are one cute hiker mama! Love the hair. =0)

Joanna said...


You are an inspiration (and I mean that in the least cheesy way possible). Every one of your posts makes me think, want to act, or gives me a great idea, and I never feel like I'm not doing enough or doing things the right way. You strike just the right tone.

Thanks for these beautiful pictures and the just-right philosophy on life.


Unknown said...

Amazing post! I hope when I'm a mom I can remember what an important lesson this post taught.

Anonymous said...

Love this post; it's sometimes necessary to forget the mundane stuff and appreciate your people. :)

Anonymous said...

GREAT post!

Hannah Nicole said...

Love love love this post. So very true, and beautiful photos.

lorelie said...

You're a fantastic mom. Thanks for the can't wait, but other responsibilities can.

Amanda Mae said...

exactly. this is great. im sure your kids will be grateful for these experiences.. I am grateful for similar things I did with my parents!

Anonymous said...

Lately it seems I need this reminder daily! Love the line, "Responsibility can wait." So glad I happened upon your little corner of the blogosphere!

Kirstin said...

I love your perspective on life! your photos are simply amazing

Susanne said...

Sheena, your photography inspires me like no other... and your outlook on life! Your blog is one of my favorites. :)

Anonymous said...

i am a sister of three little brother who lives far from home. Thank you so much sheena, you remind me about time together with family is so much more precious than being held up with my own work. I agree, responsibility surely can wait :)

Tonia said...

Is it creepy to say I want your kids?'s creepy, huh? I mean it in the most un-creepy way, though! My husband and I have been married for a year and we go back and forth about "are we ready for a family??" It's super scary. We have always said we want to have kids, but now that we're faced with the reality of being in the socially-correct-situation to actually have them...we seem to have cold feet.

We have a niece, and she is amazing and awesome and perfect. It's kind of like, THANKS A LOT, SISTER-AND-BROTHER-IN-LAW FOR HAVING A PERFECT CHILD and setting the bar SO DAMN HIGH FOR THE REST OF US!! Ya know? Unfair. Because our kids will definitely NOT be like that. They're probably be holy terrors and way less cute. Cold feet.

Also, I'm nervous about the whole baby thing, and the teenage thing. I like 'em right in between- like 3 years old to ten years old. How can we work this out? Someone give me your potty-trained three year old and I will hand em back once they're stop playing with Legos and start with the whole "attitude" thing. Here ya go! Have fun! Great kid, really, we loved him. Have fun, you guys! :)

Ok, all joking (kind of) aside- I would love for you to do a post on HOW THE HECK you knew you guys were READY for kids. :) :)

Anonymous said...

....What type of shoes do you buy for your little hikers? My kids are hikers too, but the slip flops that they want to wear are not practical, and we're getting tired of sweaty crocs.

sheena said...

@sara I have LOVED Keens for my kids!