Monday, July 30, 2012


more photo vomit here. a little instagram action of montana. 
oooohhhhhh montana how I love your open roads, big sky, puffy clouds, old buildings, ghost towns, thunderstorms, clear lakes, and cutest cousins.
-images near simms, fairfield, choteau, dupuyer, avon, and georgetown lake, montana.
-Granite Ghost Town was a huge hit with the kids (and myself)
-next time you are camping, have the kids (or yourself) paint some shirts. They (and you) will love it!

the end.

up next: insta-canada, and then we'll get to the real stuff...


Lori Folkman said...

You were so close, yet still so far away. Next time Glacier?

Anonymous said...

wow! seriously great photos!! you guys are so much fun!
ps. are you going to be doing "august break" like you did last year?

sheena said...

@lori YES!! WE have to get back up there!

@faith......haha I didn't even realize it's almost august!! July has been so crazy. I'm not sure yet:)

kassidi bridge said...

ok, these too. so so pretty.