Friday, July 6, 2012

to market, to market

from last saturday's market....
potatoes (our favorites were the blue)
the little red housethe little red housethe little red housethe little red house
can't wait to see what we get tomorrow....

What are you finding at your farmer's market this week?


Melissa said...

LOVE your blog! And I love going to our market. We had brocolli last week and it was amazing!! Also loving the cherries :)
Thanks for sharing all your great reicpes

Clandestine Road said...

I love the purple potatoes. My favorite thing to make with them is this
I add a can of full fat coconut milk to the broth and subtract the difference. It is so amazing. Really really amazing.

Courtney said...

I wish our farmers market was better, it's just a bunch of crafts and sweets. Not really a farmers market.... Darn Rexburg! These pictures are amazing, you are so talented!

Unknown said...

Where is the farmers market that you go to. We are new to Sakt Lake. Thanks.

Julie said...

heirloom tomatoes and raspberries today...last week it was swiss chard, peas, lettuce, scallions and more!

Anonymous said...

lovely. our farmer's market here is great, but i do miss the size of SLC's.
awhile back you asked about juicers. i love my simple, less expensive Waring Pro. if it were much more complicated (primarily clean up), i know i would use it less. so there's my two cents!

sheena said...

@ MSGottfredson there are smaller markets all over the valley, but I like the big one downtown on Saturday mornings:)

Laura said...

beautiful photos. mmmmm

Hannah Mayo said...

What a beautiful haul! Most of our markets here in South Florida are closed from May-October because of the heat. I miss them!

Jenn Krogue said...

gorgeous! everything looks so delicious :)

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