Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Family Flavor Brownies

aka the Worlds Best Brownies. 
I know because I have probably made them 497 times since Whitney first came up with this recipe.
I know brownies. I love brownies. 
I like to try new brownie recipes, 
and see what different bakeries have to offer in the brownie department.
brownies brownies brownies.
So you MUST believe me when I say these are goooooooood.
So why are they so good?
It's a combination of the the perfect ingredients (the usual.....butter, sugar, eggs....and then the extras like two kinds of chocolate and just the right amount cake flour).
Everything is mixed just right........
and then they bake. 
and bake and bake. 
and you lick and lick.
and then you have to wait for them to cool. 
you will try (every time) to sneak a taste too early, and burn the roof of your mouth. 
you will never learn. 
then you will marvel at these thick and perfect brownies, and wonder how you ever lived without them. 
So where is the recipe for these fat beauties?

Oh boy. 
I am so sorry for what I am about to do. 

I am usually a really lousy sales lady. 
In college I worked at a music store. We were never ever ever supposed to let a customer leave with just one thing. Always suggest an add on. An upgrade. Something useless that they don't need, but they simply MUST buy. 
I never did it. I didn't care. I was terrible. 

But today, I am going to sell you. 

I'm not going to give you the recipe for these rich and chocolaty and absolutely perfect confections. 

I'm going to make you buy The Book.
Buy it today (for the low! low! price of $15.49!) and in just a couple days the smell of these brownies will be floating through your kitchen. 
(hey! I sounded like a real live sales lady!)

You won't regret it. 
These will make you the talk of the party. 
Ladies these will make that really terrible time of the month about 200 times better. 
Scientists have been studying these very brownies to see they could hold the secret cure for cancer*
In a rough patch? For less than $16 for The Family Flavor you can have a pan of brownies and a good cry and save yourself HUNDREDS on therapy. 

*probably not true. all this sales lady stuff just got away with me. but I'm sure scientists like them too.

You guys, these are good brownies.

Buy the Family Flavor HERE and get the recipe for Whitney's brownies 
(+124 other mouth watering recipes that you are sure to love too)

I'm sorry. This is torture.....but you will thank me when you have The Book in your hands.
 I promise to give you guys a FULL recipe tomorrow.....


Erica said...

Ugh, I had to go to Amazon after I read this to track my order that I made on Saturday. Hasn't even shipped yet. The agony!

Krystal Celeste said...

I think you just sold me lol! If anything could do it, it's brownies. I'm always on the look out for the perfect brownie recipe and I don't think I've found it yet. These however look like they could be the ones. :)

kassidi bridge said...

Cannot wait to try these!

Ashley said...

Currently doing the, "I already have the book in my hands" dance. :) These look INSANE!

Karen P said...

I must have those brownies!! Your sales pitch worked because I've just placed my order.

Darcy said...

Just placed my order!!! I can not wait to get this book in my hands and start cooking! I've been wanting a cookbook just like this that has everyday recipes that are healthy and relatively easy that my picky family will eat. I can not tell you how excited I am! And these brownies just look so unbelievably delicious...I'm hoping to make them this weekend! Your hard work is paying off!

Susanne said...

I just got mine in the mail today! LOVE all the pretty pictures! ;) And now off to make brownies...

S and K said...

Oh my goodness I think you worked at that music store {Sam Goody in Rexburg???} with my husband, Scott Ilizaliturri (good chance that name might not make sense but you might remember it since its so different!)! He sold those add ons like crazy! Haha! I thought you looked so familiar!! Good 'ol Rexburg!!! Anyways love the blog & you totally sold me on the cookbook! Just ordered it & CANNOT wait to get it & start cooking....of course I'm going to have to start with brownies now! ;)

sheena said...

@S and K: (is it Kami....?)

haha YES!! I know your husband. How funny....that was so long ago!

thanks so much for getting the book--yes! make the brownies first:)

S and K said...

Yes it's Kami! I'm impressed with your memory skills!!!! :) it really was such along time ago but still kinda feels like yesterday all at the same time! Loved those college days!
I just have to tell you I just love your blog! Love your recipes!!! Love your perspective on life & the important things & how you seem to have such a great balance with it all! You inspire me continually so thank you!!! :)

Kohona said...

I also received socks, clothing etc... not anything that is bushcraft/wilderness survival/camping or otherwise related items. I will post my survival pack and the items I do carry with me in a later post and also any new items that I might come across.
Thanks !

Rita Watson said...

Great post!
We used to have a restaurant here that served deep fried milk. How they did it, I have no clue. But, man, was it addicting!

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