Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Family Flavor Winner!

Elise Dear--you won a signed copy of our book
email me sheenajibson at gmail
Thank you guys and gals again for all your kind emails and comments, your excitement, and THANK YOU for buying our book! 
If you haven't got your copy yet get it HERE
It's on sale for $14.25!

If you are still debating whether or not to buy (why??!!) 
here is what people are saying about The Family Flavor:

"This book is perfect, let me tell you why....I love cookbooks, I own so many of them. I feel like sometimes I see the same recipes over and over with just little tweaks here and there. This book I felt like there were quite a few recipes that I had never seen. The recipes are new and fresh, which was a relief to see. But at the same time every recipe I knew wasn't too complex and I could pull it off. And that also I wouldn't have to spend hours on the meal or have all my pans dirty from making the dish. The photography is homey, beautiful, real....visually a great cookbook. The author's commentary before each recipe had me smiling a lot too, very clever. My in laws just came to visit and I made some meals from the book. Quite a few of them my MOTHER IN LAW said were the best food I have ever made. I loved my copy so much I bought 10 more and am giving them to all my (and my husband's siblings) for Christmas. GET THIS COOKBOOK!!!"
-Amazon Review by Vanessa Sharon Brown

"Just made my first recipe from TFF and it was huge, huge hit for the whole family. I spent all weekend salivating while enjoying the recipes and photography of this beautiful cookbook. Here's what I love best: it strikes a great balance between being practical, but also creative and unique too. Some cookbooks are too practical (read: boring) or too creative (read: 5 trips to different grocery stores to gather all the ingredients). TFF is a great balance of the two. This would be a great gift for anyone from a rookie cook to an advanced home chef, for a recent college grad to a favorite grandma. It has something for everyone!"
-Amazon Review by Jessica E

"These recipes are delicious, easy to follow and the pictures are stunning. The intros to the recipes make you feel like you know the author and are sitting around the dinner table with her. I oftentimes have buyers remorse with cookbooks, finding I don't like about half of the recipes, but I certainly don't feel that way about this one! You will not regret this purchase!"
-Amazon Review by Shannon P

"I love this cookbook! I bought two more today as gifts. I was a little worried it was going to be too fancy for my family (my family is a little picky) but every recipes looks like something they will LOVE. It is an amazing cookbook. Thanks for inspiration Whitney and Sheena."
-Jeana Bird on Facebook

And soooooooo many comments about The Brownies. 
You guys! I told you they were the best--I would never lie to you when it comes to dessert. 

"So I just made the brownies and holy crap!!! I die."
-@haygardi on Instagram

Check out #thefamilyflavor hashtag on Instagram to see what people are making!

thank you thank you!