Tuesday, September 3, 2013

weekend things

Now that school is back in, weekends mean soooooooo much more! 
We have to cram in as many good things as we can. 

First things first.
I forgot to tell you guys--my chickies have started to lay! I'm guessing the eggs are coming from Wilma and Fanny....and I think the teeny tiny one was Goldie's first. It has been so much fun checking (over and over) all day long to see if there is a tiny adorable gift for us. 
Swiss Days! 
Our little valley celebrates it's Swiss heritage each year, and I helped out with the Swiss Children's Chorus (kind of funny, since I don't sing OR dance).
 The kids sang their little hearts out and got to ride in the parade. 
Swiss looks good on them.
Our sunsets these past few weeks have been incredible. Starting around 6 o'clock we like to guess what colors the sky is going to turn. Saturday night we sat on a hill and watched the sun sink. 
Homeschooling last spring made me realize there are so many teaching opportunities throughout the day. My kids don't have to be officially "homeschooled" for me to attempt to cram knowledge into their growing brains. So we talked about the sunset. The mountains. The clouds. They drew the earth and colored the sky as we watched the big show. 
I watched them work, and listened, and felt so lucky to call them mine.
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And then we ate some pizza. 
Pizza is so easy to make in the summer--there is an abundance of ingredients just begging to be thrown on top. 
Prosciutto and Blackberry Pizza
inspired by one of my favorites at Pizzeria Limone
Your favorite crust topped with:
-olive oil
-red onion
-pine nuts
-fresh black berries
-fresh grated parmesan cheese 
Margherita Pizza with Goat Cheese
Your favorite crust topped with
-a simple tomato sauce (like THIS  easy one)
-mozzarella cheese
-your favorite kind of cherry tomatoes, halved (I like to use little ones because they are so sweet)
-pine nuts
-goat cheese

Lately I have been loving Whole Foods whole grain pizza dough. I always keep some in the freezer so I can pull it out for a quick dinner. I cook it on the grill just a few minutes, then put the toppings on, and then cook it a few minutes more until the cheese is nice and melty. 

How was your weekend?

oh--and we also hiked! and ate pie! more of that coming soon.


Laura said...

aaaaah. you are too cool!!!!!! this is the perfect time of year for watching sunsets, we just need to find a good vantage point. hiking, pie, pizza, chickens...SWISS KIDS?!!! too cool I tell you.

rainberry said...

Those pizzas look wonderful! Our neighbor just dropped off some huge tomatoes so I think we are going to make the tomato sauce wi them!

eden greer said...

Congratulations on your cookbook!! I already put it on my birthday wish list!!
Do you grill your pizza on a stone? I can't wait to try your blackberry proscuitto pizza!