Wednesday, April 28, 2010

senses of spring

I see new life.
Everywhere. Blossoms on the treetops, blowing through the air, and scattered on the ground.
I hear the birds.
Each morning before the sun comes up.
"It's spring" they say.
I taste.....everything!
The freshness of spring fruits and veggies (waking up my tongue!) that I have waited all winter for.
It's perfect.
I smell the sweetness of the flowers that can be found on every corner.
I feel warmth. A breeze (or gust!). Rain. And then sunshine again.

I wish it would last forever.


Natalie said...

Spring is my FAVORITE season! I love watching the world wake up all over again!

Wendy said...

I.LOVE.SPRING! As I stood at the bus stop waiting for my son today, I just took it all in ~ the birds, the colors, the smells! Wonderful!

Marcina said...

I LOVE spring!! And that's such a beautiful polaroid:)

A Beautiful Life said...

beautiful pics with beautiful words, hooray for spring..even if Utah is acting like Santa should come right now..there is a light at the end of the tunnel!!

gram said...

... not to put a damper on things, but I SEE rain and grey skies and probably snow,,, baa--aa-hh

Unknown said...

gorgeous photo. really lovely. I keep having to look at it ~ so rich. :)