Tuesday, April 20, 2010

a simple snack

avocado on toast.
This is one of our favorite snacks.
aaaaannnnd....it's easy. healthy. and super quick!

It took 4 minutes and 16 seconds to be exact.
I timed it.
I wanted actual proof that it takes no time at all to have a healthy snack.

What you'll need:
-a good slice of whole grain bread, toasted
-ripe avocado
-salt and pepper
-a good magazine to read while you enjoy.



whitneyingram said...

A favorite of mine too. But I like a sprinkling of Tabasco on top of the avocado.

Sara said...

oh my gosh, I just found your blog today, and loved it. But, when I saw this, I added it to my fave's. I LOVE this snack. I do have to admit, I throw a little bit of butter on the toast first though. I have always thought I am the only one that eats this.

mommyholly said...

Yum, yum, EXTRA yum. I'm making this for myself tomorrow. And I'm going to take a few minutes to flip through my mags as well. How happy!! :)
xoxox Holly

Shannon said...

That snack+real simple magazine+kids napping=heaven.

Lula. said...

That IS my favorite snack.
Does it weird you out that I am so agreeable with everything you post/say?
Maybe we really are meant to be friends. Just saying.

Stephanie said...

I'm such a fan of avocado ANYTHING! This sounds great. Still looking forward to trying that Kale you mentioned. Sounds delish.

teresa-bug said...

Will be trying this, for sure!!! Mmmmm!

SewTrashy said...

Avocado with salt & pepper is the best! I drizzle a little lemon / lime juice on mine to which brightens the flavor a bit. YUMMY! Now I want some avocado! :)

Amie said...

So funny you posted this - I had this exact thing for dinner last night! Plus an over-easy egg...but so delish. Yummy yum

jd said...

I love, love, LOVE smashed avocado on toast - specially with a dash of cumin and a bit of extra-virgin olive oil!

Yum - this picture is making my tummy growl :)

Unknown said...

mm, i make this too! it's great plain, but i also like to top it with lox, bacon, a poached egg, or roasted garlic. yum!

Natalie said...

YUM! Why have I never put this together!?!? Thanks for the idea. It will be IN MY TUMMY within the week!