Thursday, January 27, 2011

indulge me.

These last three weeks of our journey to healthy eating have been so fun!
We've talked about becoming aware of our eating habits, fast food addictions (mine), and quick meal ideas so we don't have to eat nachos every day (me again).

I feel like we've learned a lot--yes WE!
I am LOVING all your comments and suggestions that go along with the posts! Thank you.

Today we're going to talk about something just as important as planning ahead so you can have a healthy meal ready in no time....

.....we're going to talk about relaxing. 
chilling out.
loosening up.....just a bit.

Treating yourself every now and then.

Enjoying food as it was meant to be enjoyed, and not feeling guilty about it.

mebdayinstax copy

You see, I like to drag my birthday out as long as possible. 
It started Saturday when Tara and I went shopping and then went to Gourmandise for cake. yum. cake.

Sunday we needed dessert (because what are Sundays without dessert?), so we had brownies.

Tuesday we went to our favorite Mexican place for dinner (extra chips and salsa please) and then celebrated at home with birthday cookies (the best) from RubySnap.
(LOVED the dipped Penelope and the Vivianna)

I finished the rest of the cookies Wednesday. Hey, they were my birthday cookies.
mekidsbday copy

Robby and I will head out to some place tasty this weekend, and I've been thinking I may have to make a cake.....because it seems only natural to start, and end a birthday week in cake.....don't you think?

If I ate like this ALL of the time, that would be a problem--wouldn't you agree? But I'm taking a week out of my life to fully indulge in my favorite things, completely guilt free.

My challenge this week for you is to pick something you love 
(cake? chips and salsa? ten pounds of sour cream on your enchiladas? an ice cold coke with lime?) and enjoy it. Guilt free. 

As long as we make daily healthy choices, and exercise regularly there is nothing wrong with enjoying our favorite treats every now and then.

what are your favorite things to indulge in? 
I have a few days left....maybe I need some ideas.

*as always I'll be posting my favorite comments and helpful tips from YOU on my facebook page

disclaimer: it may seem as though I'm making up rules so I can eat guilt free for a week. yeaaaahhh.....that's probably right. but I'm still enjoying it.


sarah nicole said...

Potato chips!

The healthier I eat, the more I get - right?

Paige said...

Well, since I grew up in Texas, I would have to say that one of my favorite indulgences is a big bowl of gooey melty warm queso. I love it when it's of the Velveeta and Ro-Tel variety, but I also like snazzier jazzed up versions. It's hard to go wrong with melted cheese.

Unknown said...


carbs.. bread, noodles, anything starchy really LOL

Kaitlyn Luce said...

Chocolate cake, or chocolate ice cream with reeses peanut butter cups sprinkled on top (ice cream in the midwest is way better than in south florida).

Evie said...

I LOVE to draw out a birthday!! It is a celebration after all!

I'm loving sweets lately! Yummo! birthday cake icecream and soft chocolate chip cookies! *sigh*

Tara : Damon : Ellis : Hudson said...

mmm, indulging is my favorite thing. i'm allowing myself some major indulgence in the last 2 weeks of my pregnancy... i want a big ol' vanilla dr. pepper, and a bowl of noodles with alfredo and hot sauce. yum. in a couple of weeks it's back on the bandwagon, and i can't wait to use all your tips/inspiration to get my body back!

melissa said...

i just say amen. REALLY guilt free, not just faking it.

dave, catie, and baby b. said...

happy birthday week first of all :)

my words of foodie wisdom:

ichiban (sushi):
the lotus roll
the funky charlie roll

and then a banana fernado for dessert...mmmm.


(i don't know if you're a fan of indian food, if you aren't, i forgive you because you're so lovely, but if you are...)

a royal india (main street in bountiful)

chicken tikka masala
pashwari naan (so good you might faint)
mango lassi

either way, i hope you find a wonderful place to indulge!

Nellie and Jason said...

Chocolate/peanut butter NO BAKE COOKIES!

**and we make "Sunday Brownies" (that's what we call them) pretty much every Sunday. Mix it up sometimes by throwing in choc chips/nuts, or MINT choc chips...delish. Warm out of the oven, on top of Vanilla ice cream...SO good.

Meme said...

Lucky for you, today is Chocolate Cake Day! Saturday is my half-birthday :) which gives me the perfect excuse to celebrate with chocolate cake - no guilt included!

Unknown said...

ahh indulging for me is not dessert as much as some mexican food! being in colorado instead of az i am limited-but i can cook myself up some mean mexican.

Vibeke Hoie said...

Hi woman!! remember me? I finally got the time to get started (only just!) on my own blog. Work has slowed down a bit, and there is more time for personal work:)

lovely to see you again! Looking gorgous as ever!

Love to hear what you think!

Ps. Lost you email adress!

Vibeke Hoie said...

Just thought of something!

I am a woman of few words, and you write soo lovely! If you ever want to do something together perhaps we could:) If we both find the time.

Let me know!

Rachael said...

Sounds like a great birthday week you've had so far!!
Hmm...that's a hard question to answer, what do I like to indulge it's not! Anything chocolate!!

Courtney said...

I love you, you crack me up.
I also love chips and salsa. Always will!!! but you already knew that!!!

Heather said...

Oh my gosh, LOVE Red Iguana, and LOVE RubySnap cookies. They are the best!! Happy Birthday! We have birthday weeks in my family, seriously :) My faves to indulge in are brownies with good quality chocolate chips thrown in and vanilla ice cream, a Leatherby's hot fudge sundae (their hot fudge is ridiculous, hint of saltiness to it - YUM) or one of the Talenti brand gleato's (sold at Harmons in the ice cream section) SO good!

abi porter said...

favorite indulgence of mine? a big spoonful of nutella. completely guilt free

gram said...

.. chocolate cake pudding warm from the oven... YUM!

banananutmeg said...

I eat everything guilt free. Food that isn't enjoyed while eating just isn't worth eating.

Had me some in n out and super taqueria this weekend. It was incredible as always!