Friday, January 28, 2011


A few things going on around here:

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The first official cookbook shoot was as success!! We've planned out our next few weeks, and I've been having the best time digging through thrift stores for awesome props.

I'm now taking new sponsors for the month of February! 
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If you have a product/blog/service/awesome-thing that you think would mesh well with my little ol' blog, let's talk!
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I'm now on Pinterest
I won't lie.....I'm not super active on there.....but when I come across images I love while surfing the seas of the www, I add them, so they can be neatly tucked away in one place.
It's pretty handy, I must say.
If that's your thing, you can follow me here

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I made more "snack bars" 
(I am afraid to use the real name because I don't want them to come shoot my windows out at night. I'm sure that's the kind of thing those vegan hippies do.)
see the peanut butter version here

Mexican Chocolate Snack Bars

1 1/4 c chopped dates
1 c toasted almonds
1/2 c toasted walnuts (toast nuts in a pan on medium high heat for a few minutes)
3 TBS unsweetened cocoa powder
1 tsp cinnamon
pinch of salt

Throw all ingredients into the food processor and run until a paste forms. See method for shaping bars HERE.

these are goooooood. I had one pre-gym today and it was the perfect snack.

consider yourself officially updated.

Happy Weekend!


jenniferhoiyin said...

these are brilliant, perfect as a pre-warm-up warm-up. :)
happy weekend!

Ang said...

Sheena, I really want to try these but have yet to commit to making them because I worry about how long they'll last (shelf-life wise). Any insight on that front?

Kasey said...

The cherry bars I made are on the chunky side and seem to fall apart easily...I'm thinking processing into a paste will probably help them not fall apart when I'm eating them.

So, if you omit the cinnamon, are they no longer "Mexican?" haha I may have to try this one, too.

sheena said...

ang: first off, the batch isn't too big--we go through them in about a week or less (granted I have two hungry children:). But I wrap them individually, and keep them in the fridge, and I'd guess they'd last for at least a couple weeks--there isn't anything in them that spoils.

sheena said...

kasey: yes, no cinnamon=no mexican (racist?:)

summer said...

i'm just so excited. SO excited. what i would give to come watch this cookbook come to life!!! thrifting for fabulous props! yaaay! fun, fun. are you doing the shoots in your house, or at a special location!? also, i need to get me some dates. (that is, the eating kind. not the going-out kind.) also, i love that you are taking sponsors, sheena. you've inspired me to think brave thoughts along that line.. just thinking right now, of course:)

happy friday! and thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

ps. swollen ankles... my running shoes almost didn't fit yesterday... scary!!! did you ever deal with this?!

Hayley said...

digging this pinterest thing. cute!

Ang said...

awesome - thanks! I actually have a teenage brother I could probably pawn some off on if I do feel like I can't finish them off before their prime. (didn't think of that till you mentioned your little ones!)

Although he does question everything I serve him for fear of consuming something healthy... ;)

Rachael said...

Is that the photo from your shoot, or just an example? Either way, it's a great shot!
Never heard of Pinterest-have to check that out!
Have a great weekend!

Natalie said...

I just found your blog and I am SO excited! As I was looking through your recipes I realized that I don't have to tweak anything to make it healthier!! Yay! Can't wait to read more posts!

Brinn said...

totaly jealous of the cookbook project. How fun!! Thrift store searching is the best. the end.
Looking forward to seeing the finished product. Now that I am in Salt Lake county what are some of your go-to thrift stores besides the obvious, DI?

Brittany said...

i recently discovered larabars and i love them, but they aren't cheap! and with so few ingredients, they shouldn't be that hard to make. thanks for the recipe--i will be trying it out soon!