Tuesday, April 5, 2011


This weekend was a favorite. 
On Friday we enjoyed 70° with bike riding and sun kissed noses.....but it quickly turned. 
The winds blew and blew and blew until they blew us back to winter, and heavy wet snow. 
It snowed. And snowed. 
And snowed. 
All day--it was humorous, really--didn't it know it's spring? 
But we spent our time by the fire coloring, playing with legos, and listening to our church leaders speak for our General Conference.
It was perfect. 

We had our favorite breakfast....which I think most people call German Pancakes (are these german pancakes?) but they are called Hootenannies around here, because that is waaay more fun to say!
They are easy and quick to make, and disappear just as fast.

(I can't help but feel that word needs an exclamation point)
this recipe feeds my family of 4

9 eggs
1 1/2 cup flour (I used whole wheat pastry flour)
1 1/2 cup milk
1/2 tsp salt

Add ingredients to blender and let-er-rip, until well blended.

In an oven pre-heated to 425°, melt 2TBS butter in a 9x13 pan
When butter covers pan, add mixture and bake for 20 minutes. 
Your hootenannies! will rise up and reach for the top of the oven....so put them on the bottom rack.

You can serve them with anything you like really--they are fantastic with just maple syrup. 
We love them with berries and homemade whipped cream
(whipping cream + a bit of powdered sugar + a few drops of orange extract  + beaters = whip cream)



banananutmeg said...

yum. tomorrow. thanks!

Emily Steffen Photography said...

OMG! YUM! Must make this weekend! :) Thanks for sharing!!! :) :) :)

Kenny said...

Yes, they are German pancakes. But in my (not-Mormon) family they were always made in cast-iron oven-proof skillets. My friend Jennifer used to make them for me when we were in high school and I had never heard anyone else talk about them until after I had gotten baptized, married, had kids, etc. Then I realized that a bunch of my Mormon friends were making these on Conference Sundays. Regardless, they are delicious!

Fee ist mein Name said...

It's funny that they are called german pancakes, because I'm very sure, that no one knows or eats them here in Germany :)!

Unknown said...

those look delish! going in my recipes bookmarks...thanks!!

Unknown said...

yummmmo! we had a similar weekend besides your pancakes look way cooler than mine!

can you believe it was spring, and then the snow returned, same thing happened her in colorado, a little too depressing to speak of!

Shandrew said...

yeah, we call them german pancakes too, but I like hootenannies better :) we eat them with a dusting of powdered sugar; also good.

Katherine Fajen said...

I love hottenannies- my family has been making them for years! I have never heard anyone else call them that. Love it.

Brittany said...

general conference was wonderful! and i'm always in search for a new breakfast food... these will definitely have to be made SOON! love the name too, so much better than boring german pancakes!

Ang said...

awesome. I had a few eggs I was wanting to use up - this would be a perfect "fate" for them. (and it looks so easy, too!)

{Erica} said...

We emjoyed these over the weekend as well. Add some savory toppings along with the sweet ones and it makes for a yummy brunch item as well.

beautiful pictures as usual!

kate said...

so good. we eat ours with a lemon and cinnamon sugar syrup. delish!

jenniferhoiyin said...

we will likely be calling these hootenannies now too, so much fun.

Rebecca Luke said...

I have never heard anyone else call them hootenannies before! lol! They are also sometimes called dutch babies. Yummy! I make cinnamon apple hootenannies at our house all the time. It's a big favorite. :)

Brandi LeAnn said...

Made these so called Hootenannie's over the weekend! So yummy. We topped ours with Cool Whip & Maple Syrup...and they reminded me of french toast! Very simple to make as well. Thanks!!

Toni said...

In my culinary class we made these a few weeks ago and they were called Dutch Baby Pancakes. We drizzled lemon juice on top and sprinkled powdered sugar as well. They were SO GOOD!!

Dustin N Pierce said...

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