Tuesday, August 14, 2012

a glimpse

Something has happend in the last few weeks. 
My kids have grown....
.....and grown.....
.....................and grown. 

Not just UP. 
But they're...

That's the one that gets me. 

These are my babies! They aren't supposed to get older on me....right? Isn't that how it works? 
Babies are babies forever.....I thought.

We went back-to-schoo------ack! I can't say it. I get anxiety with that word. 
We went......errr.......shopping, and I found myself staring at the other mothers with strollers and cheerios and adorably clad little cherubs, wondering what that must be like. It's so foreign to me. 

Here I have these two--
I felt like I was shopping with pre-teens. 
They have ideas and......opinions!
He: has to try on jeans. long gone are the days of picking out adorable tiny pants and knowing they'll fit. noooo....he has to try them on (we cinch them up) and he jumps around to make sure they'll stay on (most don't).  He HAS to have the slip-on Vans, no other shoe will do, and only wants Ts that are striped. 
She: Doesn't really care what it is, as long as it has either sparkles, or animals (both is a bonus that is rewarded with squeals and giggles).....that's all that seems to matter.

We roamed the streets of Park City in the evening (after we'd shopped the outlets up there) and I watched them.....
I watched them eating sushi with chopsticks. 
Watched them order their own ice cream
Watched them laugh at each other and make up their own jokes......and I sat thinking and wondering when they'd grown up on me. I realize they still have a ways to go (thank GOODNESS! STOP, TIME!!) but I feel like I caught a little glimpse of future them.....and I felt so lucky.
ps. so they are both totally obsessed with wearing hats right now....obviously.
pps. if you live anywhere near Park City....go...NOW. Summer evenings are the best.
ppps. We can't go anywhere these days without being asked if they are twins. 
Poor little guy....they are two years apart, mind you.
pppps. so speaking of those cute little babies that actually let YOU pick out their clothes.....where can I get one of those? anyone?
ppppps. anyone else get major anxiety with the words "back-to-schoo........"


cara lou said...

I so completely know what you mean. I feel heartbroken every single day of my life lately. My babies are so big already -- even the 4 mo old -- and I feel like I've lost my grasp on the present. Life is in fast-forward and I'm terrified of missing even a second of their little lives! I'm desperately soaking in every tiny detail of every moment and holding on for dear life. I'm so sad! It is not okay. :(

Katie said...

i have two younger brothers and we are all two years apart and people think we are triplets all the time. it's the funniest. also siblings are the best! and yes... i am having real anxiety about school coming. i'm not ready to give up my summer and hit the books again. i'm having way too much fun.

Sara Zahn said...
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Sara Zahn said...

Gah! All I could do while reading this is think of my two munchkins! A girl and a boy, two years a part. When I have a day like this I start thinking about more babies, but alas, this world is moving to fast for me to keep up with more than two.
Here is to the hope that someday they will find a way to stop time!
.... and the relief in knowing that babies love their moms forever.

Love your little updates and adventures. Your family reminds me of mine :)

pakosta said...

They are so cute!!!
I think Old Navy has the best jeans because you can buy slims and with the tighteners as well! they are the ONLY ones that seem to stay up on my girls!


whitneyingram said...

Back to school couldn't come sooner. I know, I am horrid. I like the routine, I like the responsibilities, I like watching my kids move and change and go forward into different phases. Like Van starts preschool in a few weeks and I can't wait to hear him talk about it, bring home his art projects and feel like a big boy like Jack. I am sure that someday, I will regret enjoying time moving, but for now, I love it.

Clandestine Road said...

I will cry after I take the kids to school in three (gah!) weeks. I love love love the summer with them. I hate when fall comes. I know they are ready for the change, but I just treasure all the summer days, even when they fight.

People forever comment that my two eldest daughters look like twins. One has straight strawberry blonde hair with ancient eyes and one is a foot shorter with super curly blonde hair and a pixie face. Aside from having similar skin color, they look absolutely nothing alike. It simultaneously entertains and irritates me.

Darcee said...

I feel ya!!! Mine are 8, 10 and 14, and this is the first year I've had them actually ask to go clothes shopping for the dreaded back-to-you-know-where days. My teen even wanted to go into SF to shop, because "I think I'll find cooler clothes". They're growing too fast, stop!!!! My younger two (boy older than girl) are almost 2 years apart and I get asked all the time if they're twins as well. She's tall for her age, and this mama is still waiting for her lil man to hit a much needed growth spurt. You get cute little babies by having them darling:)

Lillie said...

Yes--- back to school makes me want to cry. How did the summer go SOOO fast?! And why do they get so much of our kids?! If only I was willing to homeschool.... I guess I can't complain....