Sunday, August 26, 2012

out with a bang

Well we did it. 
Officially capped off our summer with all of our favorite things. 
The cherry on top.

a few phone snaps
We fit as many of our favorite things into one tiny weekend as we could. 
hail. rain. hail. wind. thunder. 
(ok those aren't exactly our favorites, but they did add to the adventure....especially the hail. 
"this rain hurts mom!!")
climbing rocks. 
watching birds. 
chasing birds (charly, that is)

We wandered around up in the Uintas for a few hours, passed a handful of lakes, and enjoyed the calmness and peace that only the mountains can offer. 
We ended our Saturday with a stop at our favorite drugstore for burgers

Sunday we enjoyed some family time, and a back to school feast of their choice....
pizza and cake 
(both blogged soon!)

It was the perfect I'm ready for the week....maybe.


Mollie Photo said...

i forget how i found your blog, but i sure do love it.
these pictures are killing me. i need to get out of this house and into the mountains! maybe you should blog about how to hike with a 1.5 year old. she doesn't fit in the baby bjorn anymore. ha!

cara lou said...

I need more mountains!! Love these photos and you guys.

Emily said...

To the mom with the 1.5 year old.... you need a Kelty Kid's Pack!

The one we bought was not this nice... only $100, but even that one I hardly know I'm wearing it. (Well, I hardly know my husband is wearing it) They have a big strap around your hips and it evens out the weight. It's been through 5 kids now... still going strong!

sheena said...

@mollie photo --listen to Emily! You for sure need a kids pack--your baby will love it and so will you:)

kylie said...

love your family + your adventures

Melissa said...

That's some pretty terrain!